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Is BigCommerce The Ideal Shopping Cart Software For Your e-Commerce Business?

Anyware are Wellington's adaptable BigCommerce experts since 2012 and we love BigCommerce because it's a full featured shopping cart that can handle most requirments for New Zealand Businesses - small, medium and large. We start with the right advice, help you choose the right platform and features for your business and provide all levels of support for your ecommerce store from initial concept and design to store set up and ongoing marketing and tech support.




Simplicity for Users & Admin
90% 70% 80%
Features & Extendability 70% 80% 95%
Support 90% 80% 70%
Blogging 50% 60% 100%
Set-up Cost Low cost Medium cost Medium high cost
Ongoing Cost Medium cost Medium cost Low cost

BigCommerce Strengths

BigCommerce stands out for its efficient set up, excellent selection of out of the box themes, extensive add-ons and the ability to customise it extensively. It can grow with you to any size.
BigCommece is a SAAS product (software as a service) which means that BigCommerce host your website for you and you pay them a monthly fee instead of providing your own web hosting. This means you never have to worry about problems with your web hosting.

BigCommerce Weaknesses

The down sides include a theme editor that makes it slow and expensive to customise your theme extensively, monthly pricing that can sting if you need extra features but don't have the sales volume to support it and monthly fees for add-ons can add up (if you need add-ons).

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Key Features

Shopping Cart

  • Free SSL certificate for secure pages
  • Fraud analysis
  • Discount codes
  • Flexible shipping rates / free shipping
  • Simple GST Setup
  • Multiple languages

Store management

  • Customer profiles
  • Dropshipping
  • Customer accounts
  • Customer groups
  • Refunds
  • Customisable email templates

Marketing & SEO

  • Search engine friendly
  • Product reviews
  • Sell on Facebook

Order fulfillment

  • Mobile dashboard
  • Manage inventory
  • Email or call customers


  • Dashboard
  • Google Anlaytics
  • Product reports
  • Traffic/referral reports
  • Mobile App


  • Inventory management
  • Digital products
  • Product variations (sizes, colours)
  • Clever product organisation
  • Multiple product images

Some features cost extra.

New Zealand Credit Card Processing

BigCommerce makes processing credit cards a breeze. Stripe is superb if you don't already have a credit card facility and it can be set up in less than an hour. There is no fixed monthly fee and you don't pay any fee for the payment gateway service. Credit card transaction fees from the bank do still apply.

BigCommerce works well with Paystation and Payment Express. If you already have a credit card merchant facility for your physical store then it's probably best to use your existing merchant account with Paystation or Payment Express. If you don't need to take credit card payments offline then Stripe is perfect because you won't pay extra fees for a payment gateway.

See our two monthly fee comparisons for more details:

More info about payment gateways.

Amazing, Local Support

A big problem with most overseas based shopping cart services is they are never there when you are!

BigCommerce has good support (Shopify is better). We find their 24/7 chat is the best way to get the answers you need but it does go offline sometimes so it's not really 24/7. They have email and phone support too. Overall their support is very good.

But don't forget to factor in the support you'll get from your web design company. If you're like most small business owners, you'll need plenty of help to get your online shop up and running.
Anyware can provide a range of services. We can set up the whole system and manage your inventory for you.
Or maybe you prefer to install the free trial and set up your shopping cart yourself. And have local experts waiting in the background in case you need help.
We can also set up the system and then hand over to you. What ever you need is fine with us.


BigCommerce has a very simple blog feature. If all you want is a news/articles page with the ability to add articles then it might be an option. If you have plans to create a blog noow or in the future then then your customers are likely to expect a flexible and modern blog. WordPress (the ultimate/flexible blogging tool) with WooCommerce is probably a better choice of platform.


BigCommerce Examples

Bohemein e-commerce web designOOSCare BigCommerce Store      The Chocolate Cake Company BigCommerce Store

Easily Add Products

There's no point having an affordable ecommerce system if you have to pay your web design company every time you need to add a product.

BigCommerce is EASY to use. It's designed for small business owners not web developers.
Adding products can also be an ideal job for your administrator.

Search Engine Friendly

BigCommerce includes everything you need to rank well in search engines, including custom URLs, page title and meta details for products, web pages, categories, brands and news items, as well as search engine friendly links, tableless templates, proper use of header tags, HTML/XML sitemaps and image alt tags.

Social Media Friendly

BigCommerce's SocialShop 2 lets you offer Facebook fans a complete browsing and buying experience, including search, checkout and product comparisons — without leaving Facebook. They can also write reviews, manage orders, redeem gift certificates and more. SocialShop 2 is free on all plans.

Pricing That Suits YOU (From US$29.95/Month)

The basic plan starts at US$29.95 per month.
BigCommerce offers enterprise level features at small business prices with the flexibility to grow as your business does.

Flexible Products, Inventory & Shipping

These options are too vast to attempt to describe here.

Please view the product tour for more information.

Coupons, Upselling & Marketing

Want to send a coupon to your mailing list? Or offer an exclusive discount to customers of a joint venture or promotion partner?
BigCommerce makes it simple.

Multiple Languages

See our review of Multilingual eCommerce Shopping Carts.

BigCommerce vs Shopify - Monthly Cost Comparison

See our comparison of monthly shopping cart costs between BigCommerce and Shopify.


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