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Sales Tip: Simplify Your Sales Process to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Watch this wonderful video from comedian Michael McIntye on sales processes that can annoy online customers.

Sales Tip: How to accept online credit card payments for your business

Choosing the right online payment option for your business can save you money.

Sales Tip: In Total Control of your Business and Personal Email?
Vodafone ended its email service on 20 November 2017. What are your options to move to another email account.

Sales Tip: Stripe, Paypal or Shopify payments - which payment processor is best?

An overview of the best online payment processing systems in New Zealand. 

Sales Tip: How Does Content Marketing Work

Content marketing identifies keywords enabling your current and potential customers search for relevant information on your products and services.  

Sales Tip: Is YOUR website a perfect TEN or a perfect "Belly Flop"?
A well designed website responds to smart phones and handheld tablets, quality images and universal fonts. 

Sales Tip: What is an 80/20 website evaluation?

The Pareto Principle states that 20% of effort (or clients) achieve 80% of results (or revenue). Improve your website to attract the remaining 80% and increase your revenue.

Sales Tip: Marketing and Selling Online is Booming. There are now almost 5 billion web pages live on the Interweb. Where does YOUR website rank?

Making your mark in the billions of website pages online.

Sales Tip: When was the last time you received a red hot referral for YOUR Business?

How often do new referrals come your way each week or month?

Sales Tip: Position your Company as Your Industry Leader

Good leadership is about building relationships.  Having your customers' interest at heart instils confidence with you for future business.

Sales Tip: Questions Sell, A Sales Pitch Doesn't...

Get to know your customers by asking them the right questions to see what they need and understand their requirements.

Sales Tip: Should Your Website Use Long Scrolling Pages?

Long scrolling websites are ideal for impatient users however you need to see if it suits your needs and budget.

Sales Tip: Overcoming Sales Objections
By having a mental script ready, you will always be prepared for sales objections.

Sales Tip: Promoting Your Price

Everyone loves a bargain. How you display prices on your website can impact sales.

Sales Tip: Make a Good First Impression

You have 20 seconds to make your elevator pitch which includes one key benefit to a client. Can you deliver?

Sales Tip: Permanent Marketing

Are your Online Marketing Strategies providing you permanent value?

Sales Tip: A Marketing Tool - A Google Custom Search on your website

Do you want your content to be even easier to find?

Sales Tip: Time-Lapse Photography - A Marketing Tool

Are you time-lapse-able?

Sales Tip: Mobile Friendly Website - What is it and do i need it?

Do I need a "Mobile Friendly" website? Let us find out.

Sales Tip: Video on your home page - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Let us now look at benefits from a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) perspective.

Sales Tip: Video on your home page - Customer Engagement

Video's greatest superpower must be creating Customer Engagement & Interest.

Sales Tip: Video on your home page - Brand Awareness

Videos are great for creating Brand Awareness.

Sales Tip: A Top Blog is a Powerful Marketing Tool
A good blog with the right keywords makes it an important marketing tool.

Sales Tip: Video on your home page

Imagine also how you would feel if your visitors don't have the opportunity to hear and see what you have to say and leave your website within the first 10 seconds which is the generally accepted time for bounce rates. One of the top reasons...

Sales Tip: Boost up your business with online marketing

A good online marketing agency can help to develop your company's presence in the marketplace.

Sales Tip: SSL Certificates

Browsing the web a short time ago I came across an article (from Techspot Aug 14) about how to give a search-ranking boost to your website whilst using encrypted HTTPS connections. Increased Search Rankings - I just had to read...

Sales Tip: SSL Certificates (Secure Socket Layers)

To ensure your online store checkout is secure and your customers' information is safe, your website need a SSL certificate installed.

Sales Tip: Fundamentals of Marketing Online

Marketing concepts and their explanations to develop your online marketing presence.

Sales Tip: Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers

A new approach to marketing where you ask your potential customers for their permission to advertise to them.

Sales Tip: SEO Tips for beginners

Learm about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media and internet marketing.

Sales Tip: Marketing for Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))

Marketing strategies are rapidly evolving. Marketing for Dummies, 4th Edition has new and revised material plus the latest marketing trends and how you can apply them to your business. 

Sales Tip: GoPro Telescoping Extension Pole for Hero Cameras

You might not be in the market for a GoPro telescoping extension pole but read the gripping marketing material for this product - you might end up buying one!

Sales Tip: Duct Tape Marketing Revised & Updated: The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide

Duct Tape Marketing  has fresh ideas and practical guidelines on how to plan and execute a marketing plan that will give your business life and longevity.

Sales Tip: Thinking, Fast and Slow

in Think, Fast and Slow, reknown pyschologist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Daniel Kahneman, explains the two ways we think and how it shapes our judgements and decisions.

Sales Tip: 7 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make, And How to Avoid Making Them

Explore the 7 simple direct-marketing strategies to increase your customers, clients or patients and improve your profits.

Sales Tip: The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly

Promoting products or services in the digital age requires a new approach which you will find in David Meerman Scotts' guide The New Rules of Marketing & PR.

Sales Tip: 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

Find out how to save 80% of your time and money by focusing on 20% of your market in Perry Marshall's book 80/20 Sales and Marketing.

Sales Tip: Improve or Repair The Reputation Of Your Business With These Top Suggestions

These tools will help you to maintain your reputation and protect it.

Sales Tip: SMARTPHONE REVOLUTION From Guest Dean Timothy Olsen

With the ever increasing ultility of smartphones, your business needs to be smart too.

Sales Tip: FbMarketing

Using Facebook Insights can help you improve your social media marketing campaign and build relationships with your customers.

Sales Tip: Keywords

Have you ever watched children play with building blocks. Watched their faces contort with concentration, tongue between their teeth, as they try to figure out which block goes where...

Sales Tip: I-Phone Marketing

Your phone marketing plan needs to be refined to make your business sucessful.

Sales Tip: LinkedIn Works DVD | Big Value Small Price

Up to 95% of new business, online or offline will fail. can help to grow your personal business contacts and advance your business by intially serving them.

Sales Tip: Proper SEO Is Important For Getting Your Site Ranked

Using proper keyword placement and using them the correct amount of times on your web page is important for search engines to drive traffic to your website.

Sales Tip: M: Marketing, 3rd edition

Learn how to communicate the value of your products and services to the customer.

Sales Tip: Internet Speed Tester

Download tthis app to test the speed of your internet.

Sales Tip: The Best Premium 2600mAh Portable Lip Stick Charger For Your Mobile Devices

Traveling and need to charge your mobile device? Recharge your mobile devices while on the move with the lipstick size smartphone battery extender Voltpod Mini.

Sales Tip: [Video] The only magic pill I ever swallowed

A while ago I was recommended to the editor of a trade magazine, a magazine that was read by lots of my potential clients. She liked what I did and wanted to promote my services. But to my horror...

Sales Tip: Tips for Designing a Website

A website need good visual design, content, navigationability, call to action, credibitlity and be mobile device friendly.  Is yours?

Sales Tip: Are you Leveraging your Guru-ness through Email and Social?

Some people think that email marketing is dead. Don't listen to them. Email marketing has never gone out of fashion. What has changed is that you can now link it up with social media to create a broader online marketing strategy.

Sales Tip: Simplify Spam Checks in Online Forms

Discover a better way to do a spam check on your customers without annoying them.

Sales Tip: So It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition

Are you a small business owner wearing many hats? Then this marketing guideline will help you with your marketing plan.

Sales Tip: Are Your Product Descriptions Losing You Sales

If you are an e-commerce business, this is a must-read 

Sales Tip: Local Business Website Marketing

Google Places has now been replaced by Google+ Local pages which has features that work towards your target market and makes your business stand out.

Sales Tip: Features Tell, Benefits Sell

Differentiate your products from your competitors by personalising the descriptions of your products.

Sales Tip: Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking

Learn the steps that make word of mouth marketing work.

Sales Tip: Put Facebook to Work for Your Business

Use promoted posts to get the post showing in more news-feeds

Sales Tip: Use Promoted Posts to Jump Start Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook promoted posts is a simple and inexpensive way into Facebook marketing.

Sales Tip: A Selection of our Recent Websites - from Excavation to Mobility Hire to Bookkeeping

See a sample of the websites Anyware Web Marketing have built.

Sales Tip: Malware - Install It With the Click of a Mouse

How to avoid installing malicious software commonly known as 'malware'.

Sales Tip: 5 Ways to Engage on Facebook

For your Facebook page to be engaging you need people to like your posts, comment and share them. Find out the 5 ways to do this.

Sales Tip: Exploring The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Grow your follower base by posting effective content on social media.

Sales Tip: Are You Losing Sales Because of Your Google Maps Listing?

Are your business details correct on Google Maps? If not then you could be losing customers.

Sales Tip: Principles of Marketing (14th Edition)

Read about the fundamental principles of marketing, and how to create value and gain loyal customers.

Sales Tip: Content Marketing: Insider's Secret to Online Sales & Lead Generation

The internet has changed the way people buy. Good website content will educate and engage consumers about your product and services leading to a sale.

Sales Tip: Disc Profiling And What You Need To Know

Personality profiling tools can help to improve communication in the worksplace.

Sales Tip:  5 Website Errors to Put People Off Buying From You

Sometimes it's the things that are so simple to fix that end up turning people away.

Sales Tip: Reviews - The Backbone of Searching for Businesses Online

The way we do business online has changed. You need a strong link between social media, local search engines and public relations.

Sales Tip: Is Your Website Simple, Memorable, Inviting and Fun to Read?

People haven't got time to read boring website copy. Give them something that will interest them.

Sales Tip: The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, New Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly

A guide to marketing and public relations.

Sales Tip: Small Business Marketing - Your Ultimate Guide: A Complete Guide to Construct and Implement a Marketing Plan that Intergrates Both Traditional...Marketing Methods for Your Small Business

New marketing strategies for the internet still requires a mix with  traditional marketing approach.

Sales Tip: Managing a Facebook Business Page is Easier With a Personal Profile

If you have a personal page on Facebook then setting up a Facebook business page is easy and easily managed.

Do I Really Need Google+ For My Business?

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Online Reviews and Why You Really Should Care About Them

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How To Go Viral with an Irresistible Offer

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Using Video to Make Google Love You

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Sales Tip
Become the Expert in Your Business Profession
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Sales Tip
Building Trust in the Sales Process
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Be the Trusted Expert
Featured Client - Spectrum Health & Fitness
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Sell More with a Sales Robot
Featured Client - Racetech
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A Lead Missed is Lost Forever
Featured Client - Hanne Andersen
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5-Ways to Build Trust and Boost Sales
Featured Client - Bohemein Chocolates
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How Your Marketing Machine Can Increase Your Conversions by 3200%
Featured Client - Visage
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Lead Your Customers Through Your Website
Featured Client - UK Pension Transfers
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Double Your Website Marketing Results
Featured Client - Buck Electrical
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Break it Down to Get it Done
Featured Client - Shipmytrade
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Home Page Secrets for Conjuring Customers
Featured Client - V.I.C Cycles
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The Unauthorised Guide to Happy Customers
Sales Tip - Selling a Service
Featured Client - Te Nahu Lovell
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How writing your web site copy could cost you $32,000
Sales Tip - Selling a Service
Featured Client - Unichem Clive's Chemist
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FREE SEMINAR - Simplify your Marketing AND your Website
Why Update Your Website?
Sales Tip - Asking Better Questions
Featured Client - UPG Pipe Systems
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FREE SEMINAR - Simplifying the Internet
Website Marketing - Succeed Online in 10 Minutes per Day
Sales Tip - "Product Pusher" or "Problem Solver"?
Featured Client - RJS Business Systems
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FREE SEMINAR - Simplifying the Internet
Affordable web design – the hidden costs of a cheap web site
Sales Tip - Every Sale Is Defined By Your Customer
Featured Client - Pommygranate Training
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FREE SEMINAR - How to Simplify your Marketing AND your Website
Google Local Search - Get Your Business on the Google Map
Sales Tip - Get The Most Out Of Business Networking Events
Featured Client - Econo-Heat NZ Ltd
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FREE SEMINAR - Simplifying The Internet, The Small Business Owners Guide to a Profitable Website
How To Write An Article People Are Searching For - and Leverage It
Sales Tip - Create Your Customer Database
Featured Client - Bio 2000 Therapy Ltd
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FREE SEMINAR - How to Simplify Your Marketing AND Your Web Site
Use Google Adwords for Instant Results
Sales Tip - The 80:20 Rule of Business
Featured Client - Bing Dental
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FREE SEMINAR - Simplifying the Internet...The Small Business Owners Guide to a Profitable Web Site
Want More customers? Ask for them!
Do you educate your customers while you work with them?
Featured Client - Pudding Hill Lodge
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FREE SEMINAR - Simplifying the Internet...The Small Business Owners Guide to a Profitable Web Site
A Video Is Worth 1000 Words! 
Do you educate your customers while you work with them?
Featured Client - Ultibend Industries
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FREE SEMINAR - How to Simplify your Marketing AND your Website
Leading customers through to a sale
Win Movie Tickets - Instant Prize Draw
Featured Client - DGP Contracting
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FREE SEMINAR - Simplifying the Internet
Defining Great Goals for your web site
Do you educate your customers while you work with them?
Featured Client - Angels Wings
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Find Your Niche Market to Find Your Best Customers
FREE SEMINAR - Keep Your Business - Simple, Safe and Successful!
SEO Success Story
Featured Client - Amy Schulz Photography
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Social Networking for Small Business - Part 2: Facebook is for over 35s & business, not teenagers
Make Your Ideal Customers Magically Appear
Win a Video on your web site - Instant Prize Draw
Featured Client - Natraj Indain Restaurant
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July 2009
Social Networking for Small Business - Part 1: Intro
A Video Is Worth 10002 Words!
10th Birthday Gift for you
Featured Client - Jatayah Ltd
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June 2009
Email Solutions for your website
Why change my 'from' email address
Featured Client - Pommygranate Training
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Update your Web Site today
What are your Customers thinking?
Featured Client - Spectrum Theatre and io-NZ
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Want to increase traffic to your web site?
Perpetual Marketing Machine
Testimonials Sell
Featured Client - Amy Schulz Photography
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3 Ways to Thrive in a Recession
First Impressions Count
Adapt or Decline
Don't forget Google
Featured Client - Full Circle Business Solutions
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Search Engine Starter & Photography Web sites
Want more customers?
Who do you know?
Featured Client - You2NZ
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Want More Customers? Ask For Them!
Did you know?
Featured Client - David Lindsay
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Stay In touch with all your customers
Email newsletter promotion
Did you know - You can advertise on Find It Online for free?
Featured Client - Courier Connect
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Communicate with your best customers!
Sell to existing clients
Free email newsletter subscription
Did you know?
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Domain Name scams, they are everywhere!!
Look after your domain name
How to create hyper links
Featured Client - Radiola Aerospace
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When was the last time you updated your website?
Benefits of Updating your web site on a regular basis
Email Overload Help
Adding a Watermark
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How to please clients with a thank you gift
Keyboard Shortcuts
Convert Office 2007 format
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FAQ, More than meets the eye
A fresh look at FAQs
Sales Tip of the Month
Refer a Friend
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Make your first impression count
Sales Tip - Three key business elements
Simplifying the Internet
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Sell More by Selling Later
What is SMTP and POP3?
Featured Client - Healthy 1020
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Online Forms - How they make things safe for you
What is a robot, spider or crawler?
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Editable Pages - How they can help you save money...
Cut website costs by editing your own pages
Using Google as your online dictionary
What are Cc and Bcc?
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Give Away Product or Money to Boost Sales
What is a firewall?
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Backup your data
Seasons Greetings
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What is the best online payment for you?
Christmas is coming
What exactly is a blog?
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How testimonials can help you
Are you receiving all your emails?
Featured Client - Harbour City Tree Care
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Domain Names
Hotmail Accounts
Microsoft Daylight Savings Update
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Email Spam - What do you do?
Optimize - Internet Security
How to make links work for you
Featured Client - NZ Van Lines
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Use Newsletters to stay in touch with your valued customers...
Staying in touch with your customers
What is a PDF?
How to bookmark a website
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Sell Your Products Online
What is a URL?
Featured Client - Thompsons Horse Centre
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Survey Your Clients
Customer Feedback Surveys
Simplifying the Internet
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