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What is Web Hosting?

Managed Web Site HostingFor the world to see your web site, you have to put it on a special computer (a server) that is permanenty connected to the Internet.
This is called hosting your web site.

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What is Managed Web Hosting? (Ignore the technical stuff...)

We're guessing you don't want to know about the technical details of hosting your web site. Never mind trying and understand them.

Host your web site with Anyware, and we'll take care of everything. We manage it so you can ignore it and focus on your business.
You don't need to hold for 30 minutes before talking to an ISP if your password doesn't work, you don't need to try and figure out how to order a domain name from an IT company that only speeks geek, you don't need to install software to upload your web site and you don't need to figure out and lose sleep over how to protect your website from hackers.

NZ Based Servers Can Help Your Google Rankings

Having a web server that's located in the same country as your website can help Google and other search engines to better understand the local audience the website is targetted at and helps them include your website in local search results. Matt Cutts from Google discusses the subject in this video.

Before you accept that "too good to be true" deal from a cheap web hosting company, ask which country their servers are located in. Keep in mind that there are many cheap web hosting companys in New Zealand that host their web sites overseas.

What is a domain name?

Read the article that explains what a domain name is and how it can help you:
What is a domain name

Having your domain name is great - you also need to remember to renew it every year.  If you don't renew your domain for any reason (missing an email reminder from the domain registrar is common) you will find yourself without a website and email.  There's also quite a bit of technical jargon that goes with a domain, and when things go wrong it can be a nightmare getting it fixed if you don't know your way around domain names. We can manage that for you, making sure your domain is renewed on time and we'll look after any technical glitches.  Unfortunately, most people don't appreciate the value of great support until it's too late so please manage this yourself only if you are very confident.

Use your own domain name for your email address.

Many ISP's like you to use an email address like because you advertise their business for them. We'll make it easy for you to use an email address like so you advertise your own business.

Standard Web Hosting Package

We'll put your web site on our fast, reliable web servers that are based in our data centre in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Any time you have a problem with your web site, you can call us and we'll fix it. If the problem is with our server or our service, we'll "Get it working again" at no cost to you - it's all part of the service.

Measure It So You Can Improve It

Our web hosting packages come with a monthly web stats report that is emailed to you. We filter out all the unnecessary technical information and standard useless info - our clients tell us they are easy to read.
We've found that when we provide these reports via a web site, nobody bothers to go and look at them.
But when you find them sitting in your inbox every month you'll scan them, file them and you know how your web site is performing.

Database Web Hosting Package

When your web site needs a database you need a hosting package that includes a MySQL database and extra disk space.

Content Manager

We can build your website with Anyware's own super easy to use Content Manager or WordPress.

WordPress is amazing and is perfect if you are familiar with it or if you have specific requirements. It's also huge, uses more disk space (and costs slightly more to host) and can be vulnerable to hackers.

Anyware Content Manager is an easy to use web site editor that lets you change your web site yourself. You can change the things you want to change, it doesn't let you change things that might break your web site, and it helps you avoid wasting time on things that make no difference. No technical expertise required and training usually takes 20-40 minutes.
If you want the easiest to use, lowest maintenance, cheapest to host web site editor, Anyware Content Manager is ideal.


Note: if you are using POP3 for your email, please change to IMAP as soon as possible. Here's why:

For small business email we usually recommend G Suite (previously known as Google Apps). We use it ourselves, it's simple, cost effective, super reliable, makes accessing your email from any device a breeze and it saves you time every day.
Plus the amazing Docs, Drive and Calendar apps are included.

We no longer provide direct support for email because this is IT support and it's not our core business. Instead we'll refer you to a partner who we work closely with who can support your email requirements better, faster and more cost effectively.


Description   Fee
Standard monthly hosting fee (20Mb disk space)
Large or WordPress monthly hosting fee
Extra domain name monthly fee1 $5
Using extra traffic or disk space may incur higher fees

Prices are in New Zealand dollars and exclude GST.
Anyware Terms of Service apply.

1. Your web hosting account includes hosting for one domain name. Pointing extra domain names at your web site incurs an extra fee.

These packages suit most web site hosting needs. If your requirement is a bit unusual or more complex, please call us - we can probably help.

Server Details

Our servers are based in our data centre in Christchurch, New Zealand. We use Linux Cloud Servers that allow us to increase resources (CPU, memory and disk space) on demand. In the event of failure, our virtual server would be started automatically on another physical machine. Our provider has an uptime guaranteed of 99.98% and to date our server has an average down time of 24.5 seconds per month.

Our server uses cPanel for easy and secure management of web hosting accounts. cPanel insulates all hosting accounts from all other hosting accounts and notifies us immediately if there is a performance or security problem. Most problems are related to hackers attempting to gain access to our servers, websites or denial of service (DOS) attacks and our firewall, rootkit system, exploit scanner and other security measures deal with these automatically. We won't give away detail information about our security systems for obvious reasons, other than to say that they are updated frequently, they block security threats automatically and when ever a threat has broken any layer of our security in the past we find a solution for preventing the same problem from recurring.

We have a full disaster recovery plan in place which includes automated, off-server rotating weekly backups which are archived for up to 1 year.

We have never lost a client because they were not happy with the security of our web server.

Contact us for more info or to see how we can help.