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Payment Gateway Requirements Check List


eCommerce Web Design Payment GatewayEverything you ever needed to know about Payment Gateways BEFORE you go live...

So your eCommerce website design is coming along nicely and you're ready to start thinking about how to process credit cards. Sounds easy enough. Should be able to get that sorted in a week or so, right?

Oops, wrong. The bank have a list of requirements as long as your pet Giraffe's arm and some of it may make about as much sense to you as it does to him.

Here's a checklist that shows everything you need to think about and which order to do it.

Prepare Your Web Site / Info Pages

Before the bank will approve your credit card merchant facility your eCommerce web site must provide certain information. It's best to get this sorted early in the process so it doesn't delay your launch. This includes:


eCommerce Credit CardsGetting A Credit Card Merchant Account

Your credit card merchant account allows your bank account to receive payments from your customer's credit cards.

Getting a new credit card merchant account from the bank is the slowest part of the process. It usually takes at least a month and can take much longer if you don't have your ducks in a row first. Get your application in as early in the process as you possibly can.

Different banks give varying qualities of service but the biggest factor for choosing a bank is probably your credit history. A good credit history with your bank can make approving your credit card merchant facility faster and easier so it's usually easiest to go with your current bank.

Choosing Your Payment Gateway Provider

The payment gateway allows your web site to interact with your bank and process payments online in real time.

There are a LOT of providers to choose from now. Here are the most popular NZ payment gateway providers.

If you already have a payment gateway from a previous version of your web site it's probably easiest to keep it unless you have new requirements that it doesn't fill.

If after reading throught he list of features on the gateway providers web sites above you still are not sure, have a chat to your web designer.

Setting Up Your Payment Gateway

Once your payment gateway account is created we'll need to connect your payment gateway details to your shopping cart. Depending on the payment gateway, these details will be various User IDs and encryption keys which will be provided to you by email by your payment gateway provider.


Testing Payments

We'd rather test for problems than let your first customer be the guinea pig, so we'll create an item in your shopping cart worth $1 and we'll pay for it using our credit card.


Ok, you're finished. The list can seem a bit daunting the first time you see it but it's fairly straight forward when you know what to do.

Actually, you're not quite finished. Now would be a good time to call us and have a chat about your next bit of marketing.



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