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Anyware Content Manager - the Simple / Easy CMS for Business Owners

Have you given up on editing your own web site because your content management system is so hard to use?

Are you resigned to the fact that you have to pay your web designer an hourly rate to change a phone number on your web site?


Anyware Content Manager is the simple / easy CMS designed for business owners who want to focus on running their business INSTEAD of managing their web site.

Watch the video to see our top tips on choosing a content management system for your business:

The Content Manager system developed by Anyware is ideal for the type of adjustments that typically characterise the evolving state of a conference website. It is a ‘low frills' system that is both intuitive and accessible to people who do not consider themselves ‘digital natives'. The support documentation for the CM system is equally accessible, while personalised training to use the CM system is valuable. Many thanks, Phil and team!

Mike Taylor
Faculty of Education, Victoria University of Wellington

Here are a couple of examples that show how easy to use Anyware Content manager is:

Sorting Gallery Images

Uploading Images


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