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You're probably aware that people no longer trust advertising.
In fact a recent survey revealed that only 14% of people trust adverts.

You may have found yourself constantly increasing your own advertising budget but getting worse and worse results.

So why is this happening?

Well people have had enough of hype and of being told everything they see is the best thing that ever existed.
So we've evolved back to the old fashioned values our grand parents had.
If you need something, you ask someone you trust where to find it.

The evolution back to these old fashioned values has been accelerated by 2 things.

The first thing, ironically, is the Internet.
While half of the Internet is full of hype and over promise, the other half is full of people connecting with people.
And when these 2 halves mix, you get connected people helping each other figure out who and what to trust and how to find it.

The 2nd thing is the recession.
People are being much more careful about how they spend their money.
They spend more time than they used to finding out what the best product or service is and who to buy it from.

Get Found and Be Trusted
If you want people to choose your business instead of your competitor, you need to make it easier for them to find you & trust you, than it is for them to find and trust your competitor.
Actually, for most businesses your biggest competition is your prospective customer not getting around to buying anything at all.

Online video provides an opportunity for small and local businesses to get found and be trusted in a way that no other media can match.
So whether you're trying to get ahead of your competition, or simply the not getting around to it factor, online video is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.

The most effective way to gain somebody's trust is to spend time with them. Let them get to know you and like you.
In person it's easy to show somebody how passionate you are and that you genuinely want to help them.

You lose some of that on video. But not enough to make any real difference.
And what you lose in the personal connection, you make up for in spades because you can script your video and rehearse it until it's perfect.

Get Your Point Across
You can get your point across perfectly every time.
And unless you're an amazing speaker, that does not happen often in one on one situations.

We use FAQs, or Frequently asked questions, and what we call SAQs, or should ask questions, to give people the information they came for and earn the trust and expert status you need to make an easy sale.

SAQs, or should ask questions, are simply FAQs that people don't know to ask about your business.

For example, a typical FAQ is how long will it take to build my web site?
An example of a should ask question, one that people don't know they need to know, is will I need a degree to update my web site.

Answering FAQs and especially SAQs, helps you to:
- Show them you're here to help them, not just sell to them
- Establish credibility & trust with visitors and prospects
- Highlight how you are better than your competitors
- Create a strong desire for your product or service
- Most important, Eliminate the need to "sell"

You'll go from being a salesperson to an authority, trusted advisor and friend.
And that's the real goal of marketing, isn't it?
The best customers are educated customers who ask you to sell them something.


Need Video Marketing Help?

Contact us to discover the most effective way to use video for your business.