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What is an SSL Certificate / Secure Socket Layer

And why would I want one for my ecommerce web design project?


What is an SSL Certificate?

Why Use an SSL Certificate with Your eCommerce Web Design Project?

If you use BigCommerce (which is a no-brainer), your eCommerce web design store comes standard with a shared SSL certificate. This makes your checkout secure and keeps your customers information safe.

When you use the BigCommerce shared SSL certificate your customers see an address like this in the checkout:

Brand & Trust

When we install a custom SSL certificate for you your shoppers no longer see the shared SSL address in the secure checkout. Now they see your domain name instead. Like this:

This is better for your brand and it's better for building trust. Your shoppers don't get nervous about the weird address and you get stronger exposure to your brand.

Conversion Tracking

If it's worth doing, it's worth measuring. And nothing is more worthy of measuring than your sales.

We use Google Analytics to track the web site traffic and sales that go through your BigCommerce store. If your online store does not have an SSL certificate we can track your traffic on the unsecured pages (the pages that start with http://) but we cannot track your traffic or sales on the secure pages (the pages that start with https://) unless we install an individual SSL certificate for you.

This happens because if you use BigCommerce and don't have your own SSL certificate, when someone clicks the checkout button, they go from your domain name (e.g. to a BigCommerce secure shared domain (e.g.
Because this is not your domain, Google Analytics can no longer track visitors.

The secure pages include every page that is part of the checkout process, and most importantly, the page where your customer pays you. And when we can track payments we can tell you things like:


Your SSL certificate can be purchased for 1 year or up to 4. There's an overhead for installing it so the longer the period the more cost effective per year.

Duration   Cost
1 Year $250
2 Years $350

Prices are in NZ dollars and exclude GST.



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