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What is an SSL Certificate / Secure Socket Layer

And why would I want one for my ecommerce web design project?


What is an SSL Certificate?

Why Use an SSL Certificate with Your eCommerce Web Design Project?

Shopify and BigCommerce both come standard with SSL certificates now-a-days and when we build with WooCommerce (which is hosting on Anyware's server) we always install an SSL certificate too.

This means your website is secure, peope trust it and Google gives it a better ranking than if it did not have an SSL certificate.

The Padlock

When your website users see the green padlock next to the address of your website they automatically trust your website and that you are keeping their information safe.
The green padlock tells them that your website and the information being passed back and forth is encrypted using SSL. This means nobody can decrypt their information and steal it.


Google now deems that every website should be secured with SSL. If not, your rankings are penalised. The penalty may not be large, but every improvement to your rankings gives you a better chance of being found ahead of your competitors.


BigCommerce and Shopify come standard with SSL already installed now and the cost is included in your monthly fee.

WooCommerce is installed on Anyware's server and we include this as part of the package when we build a WooCommerce website for you. There is an annual renewal cost of $60 + GST after the first year.

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