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Custom Fonts


When choosing a font for the main text on your web site we recommend either Verdana, Trebuchet or Georgia. Numerous studies recommend a variety of fonts. Most studies include these three and they are three of our favourites. It's all about giving your readers eyes the least amount of work to do.
Note that your choice of fonts for headings is less significant when it comes to readability because there are less words to read. So choose what ever you like the look of, as long as it's easy to skim read.


Not all web browsers can render all font types. Even though TrueType fonts are most common, you can't just upload a TrueType font file to your web site and expect it to work in all browsers.
Here's a list of which font types are compatible with which browsers. While the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) may seem appealing due to its wide compatibility, the number of fonts available is limited. To gain access to a wider range of fonts we need to install the font on your web site in several different formats and a commercial font library makes this relatively simple. We tried using open font libraries and the WOFF format and the time it took to find acceptable fonts incurred much greater cost than the fees from using a commercial font library.

Google Fonts

We LOVE the idea of Google Fonts. Unfortunately, many fonts in the Google font library are only available in a small number of sizes. This means that when you try to use a font that is not one of their standard sizes they can look pretty rough in your web browser. All this takes time to test and often ends up costing more than you would have spent on a font from a reasonably priced commercial library. And you can end up with fonts you are not happy with anyway.

Here's a list of fonts we have tested and we know are ok.

Usage Rights

Just because you can download a font for free from the Internet doesn't mean you can use it on your web site (not without getting fined, anyway). Fonts can be expensive to buy for your own use, and even more expesive to buy for use on your web site. The best options are to either choose from the short list of freely available fonts that are installed on almost all devices or to get a subscription to a commercial font library.

Our Recommendation

Choose either Verdana, Trebuchet or Georgia for your main body text. An easy to read font brings your web site visitors one step closer to buying from you.
If you really can't live with one of these three and you don't want to pay extra for fonts then choose one of the freely available fonts.

If you are willing to pay a set up fee and a small annual licensing fee then you can choose from one of the 20,000 fonts available at and we can take care of the details for you. The set up fee is $120 and the annual licensing fee is $30.

Which ever option you go for, please choose a font that's easy to read!

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