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What Is Responsive Web Site Design?

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You’ve probably heard of Google’s Mobile Armageddon algorithm change, which affects websites that are not mobile friendly.
Much like predictions from the Aztecs and Nostradamus, in the end the earth did not actually explode below anybody’s feet.
For some there were a few cracks, but most website owners can think of this more like a bit of a headwind than an actual cataclysm.

So what does a responsive website look like and how do you know if yours is one?

If you tried to count the number of different devices and screen sizes available today, well you probably couldn’t.

Responsive is here to solve that.
Think of word wrapping in your favourite text editor.
If I type some text and keep typing after the end of the line, the text wraps.
Now if I move the margin and make the screen smaller, the text wraps again to fit the screen.

The same thing happens in my browser if I make the window smaller. The web site responds and fits everything into whatever sized screen is available to it.
This applies to text, headings, images, everything.

Google prefers to show its mobile search visitors the easiest to use web sites on their phones. Here are the things your website can do so that Google ticks it as being responsive and rewards you with a better ranking in mobile searches.

1. Content that flows (or wraps) on the screen. Just remember that horizontal scroll bars are evil and users should never have to pinch the screen or scroll horizontally to see the entire page.

2. Fonts must be easy to read on small screens.

3. Touch elements (that’s buttons and navigation links) must be easy to touch. That means they should be large enough and have enough space between them so that you don’t have to have toothpick fingers to use them.

4. Easy to use on mobile devices. This is quite subjective, but if you think a website is easy to use on your phone, then Google probably does too.

So that’s it. If you follow those simple guidelines your web site will be responsive and Google will reward you for it.

If you’re a business owner and you have more questions about responsive web sites then feel free to ask your question below this video.

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