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Search Engine Optimisation Service

Search Engine Optimisation Service

Turn your web site into a fountain of leads

Optimising your web site to attract targeted traffic from search engines can create a constant stream of highly qualified prospects to your web site for years to come.

If you get word of mouth enquiries, people want your product or service and they are probably looking for you in search engines too!

Know What Your Customers Are Searching For

Getting a good search engine ranking can take some work. So you need to be sure the keywords you choose are being searched for.

We'll help you identify keyword phrases that are being searched for regularly by the people that you want to find you. This ensures you don't waste your time attracting people who are unlikely to buy your product or service.

Get Ranked For Keywords That Count

When we've chosen the keywords that will attract the best traffic for your web site, we'll optimise the page we select from your web site to attract traffic from Google for that keyword phrase.

Note that unscrupulous operators often promote short cuts and tricks designed to deceive search engines into giving your page a good ranking. These "cheats" will only hurt you in the medium to long term - in fact your rankings can be penalised by major search engines like Google.

The techniques we use are based around providing good quality content to search engine users. This is what people are searching for, and search engines recognise it and reward you for it.

We focus mainly on Google for 2 reasons:

  1. Google is the most used search engine.
  2. If your page ranks well in Google it will usually rank well in many other search engines too.

This approach reduces the time we need to spend tuning your pages and helps us deliver excellent value for money.

Sales = Traffic x Conversion

Once you have good rankings for well chosen, popular keyword phrases you'll get high quality traffic from search engines.
We can also help you improve the sales message on your web site to increase your conversion rate (the number of prospects that you turn into customers).

Test and Measure

If you don't measure how much traffic, how many enquiries and how many sales you are getting from your web site then you don't know if they are improving.
We'll help you measure all these things, and we'll help you identify exactly where they came from so that together we can turn your small successes into much bigger successes!

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