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A Google Custom Search on your website!


Do you have more than 5 pages on your website? Spy

Do you want to learn how to make YOUR great website even better, with your content even easier to find?

Have you ever been on a website that has a lot of information and been unable to find the content you have been looking for? Or worse ... left the site because it was too difficult to find the information you wanted?

Here’s a great solution …… A Google Custom Search on your website!

Putting a search box on your website helps your visitors find information easier and faster. This will give your visitors a better customer experience and as we know a good customer experience often leads to a successful conversion or lead. Google have two options for you:-


But wait …. there’s more…. (no, it’s not a set of Steak Knives!)
With a Google Custom Search Function on your website, fine tuned to your requirements, you next need to ensure your Google Analytics can track what your visitors are searching for once they have reached your website. The benefits of being able to track these searches means no more guessing - you now have a direct line to what your market is looking for. You can build products or create content based on what your clients actually want - How great is that? Certainly better than cheap Steak Knives!!! 

If you have the technical skills to do this yourself then GO FOR IT! However, if you would to have this done for you then give us a call (phone 04 939 1708). We can install and brand your Google Custom Search and ensure your Google Analytics is tracking the outcomes for a one off fee all for just $475+GST.

Note: Your website has to have been indexed by Google before affixing a Custom Google Search.