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Introducing - 'The DIY Dream' Web Site Package

affordable web design Affordable Web Design
affordable web design Effective /High Performance
Marketing not Technology
Easy to Update
Search Engine Friendly
Amazing Support
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Anyware makes it simple & painless for small business owners to get

an easy to update web site that will engage your best customers,

even if you’ve already wasted your time and budget

on an ugly, slow loading web site that scared all your customers away,

you don’t have the first clue where to start,

and you're a complete technophobe.


Affordable, Effective and Simple

The DIY Dream Package saves you time and cost with pre-built pages that get you half way there.

Most of our clients pay us a lot more than you will to build them a web site because we look after every tiny detail for them.

We write the sales copy, create the pages, add the text and images and apply all the changes.

We’ve made this easy for you to do yourself with pre-built pages and the simplest editor you’ll ever use.

And we’ll provide guides so you can easily write the text for each page.

You’ll save time and get a high end, over achieving web site at a DIY price.

We Focus on Marketing not Technology

affordable web design

Your web site can only deliver remarkable performance

when your web designer’s focus is on helping you

market your business to your customers, not just

coding your web site.

While technology is a significant part of the foundation

for your web site, understanding your customers,

ease of use and great design & branding are even more important.

We’ll take care of the lot.

We have fined tuned our web site development process over the last 10 years so that we produce

high performing web sites with the least possible work on your part.

A special note about ‘Flash’ based web sites – we don’t waste your money with Flash!
Web sites that use Adobe Flash excessively can harm your search engine rankings and distract your visitors from your sales message – especially if your navigation bar is built using Flash.
Flash is great for some things where it can add value – such as showing videos on your web site (and we do use it for this).
But we never use it unless it adds real value.

Quick & Easy To Update

Update your web site quickly and easily so you can go back and focus on your customers.

Our clients tell us our content manager is the easiest content management system they have ever used.
No degree required.

You’ll also have all the training you need.

While teaching you to use our content manager usually only takes 15 minutes, we’ll

give you up to 1 hour of one on one training if you need it.

Unlimited Pages

With our easy to use content management system you can add as many pages to your web site as you need.

Simplified Writing Process

We don’t usually recommend writing copy yourself because it’s a

specialised skill and takes years to learn to write effective sales copy.

But with the right guidance most people can easily write a good home page,

services page and about us profile.

We’ve written easy to follow instructions so you can write effective text for your

web site using our straight forward process.

And we’re always here to support you if you need it.

Get found in Google.

Your web site is built using search engine friendly technology to give you the best

chance of being found in search engines.

While it’s not realistic to expect top rankings for every keyword you can imagine, most of our
clients can be found on page 1 when people search Google for their business name.

And if you want more from Google, our search engine specialists can help.

Create a Great First Impression

Choose from simple, proven template designs that we’ve used time and again to deliver

a great first impression and get your message across.

Please be aware that you will get the best result by using our designer to create a

uniquely branded design for your web site.

The more you impress your visitors with the first impression, the more they

will believe what you say and act on your suggestions.

However, we do understand that not everybody is ready to do this. You may not have a logo yet, you may feel the extra cost is not necessary or you may just be happy with one of our template designs.
We offer an upgrade option to a custom branded design for $300 so you have the choice.

Relentless Support

Great after sales support from your web design company helps you to keep your business running smoothly

so you can focus on running your business, not your web site.

What happens to your business if there is a problem with your web site and you

don’t have this level of support? Sometimes your business stops!

Our vision for great service is ‘the relentless pursuit of the perfect customer experience’.

Our phones are manned 40 hours per week so we can always take your call and we never let go of a problem until you are happy.

Includes Anyware’s Free, Plain English Consultation

We have been building web sites since 1998 and have over 31 years of combined sales, marketing and business experience.

We can quickly help you understand how to get the best return from your web site and marketing activities.

Over the years, hundreds of people have thanked us for helping them see the possibilities,

clarify their needs and goals and for giving them a feeling of reassurance about the way forward.

Growing Your Business is an Ongoing Process

Grow your business with Anyware’s proactive and ongoing marketing support.

Part of our vision is to help 90% of our clients grow by 15% or more per year.

We do that by constantly feeding you great ideas for helping you to grow your business.

Is that the kind of relationship you want with your web designer?

Simple and Advanced Analysis Tools

We deliver a monthly web site statistics report to your inbox.

It’s easy to read and gives you a fast and sound overview of your web sites performance.

So you always know what’s happening.

Your web site also comes with Google Analytics installed so you can see all the

advanced tracking information you could wish for, when ever it suits you.

High Quality Local Hosting

So your customers can visit your web site, we need to ‘host’ it on a special server that is permanently connected to the Internet.

Your web site will be hosted in Lower Hutt, NZ so it loads fast for your NZ based customers.

Our provider gives fantastic service, constantly maintains and upgrades their servers and

is utterly pedantic about security.

This means when we host your web site it will be fast loading and reliable so you are always available to your customers.

And because we provide this service direct to you, you can rest assured that Anyware

is your one stop shop for any service related to your web site.

The Problem with Web Site Packages

Is they make you do all the work!

You have to write all the text by yourself and figure out what goes into a successful web site.

So you either have to spend hours learning how to write web site copy that works, or your web site fails.

With Anyware's simplified writing process we make the writing easy so your web site can succeed.

Why Choose Anyware?

See all our work - just point your mouse at the gallery at the top of this page to browse our portfolio.

You’ve seen how this simple and painless solution will get an over achieving web site at a DIY price..

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special_offer_1450_87_87Your investment? Just $1450

Most of our clients pay $3000 to $5000 to get an equivalent web site that attracts their best customers.

Because we've made the process so efficient, you'll pay less than half our usual fee.
And you don't have to spend hundreds of hours learning to be a web guru.

See our review on Top Ten reviews.

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