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Why Join The Anyware Team?

The Benefits

Here's what our team think are the main benefits of being on the Anyware team:

  • Work from home most of the time
  • Great variety of interesting work
  • Be part of a friendly and inspired team
  • No corporate politics or BS
  • Relaxed, informal environment where everyone is listened to and your efforts make a real difference
  • Autonomy
  • Say goodbye to your cubicle!
  • Self employed tax savings (for self employed contractor roles)

Meet the Anyware team

Anyware's vision

What do we do?

How do we do it?

Why do I enjoy being on the Anyware team?

"I enjoy working in a role where the focus is genuinely on the customer.
Anyware has proven to be an innovative company that is continually evolving, and it's great to be given the opportunity to evolve with the company learning new skills along the way.
The nature of the industry requires collaboration from all members of the team, and it's rewarding to know that we've all played our part in seeing a project through to completion.

There is never a dull moment, as no two websites are ever the same, and I enjoy the interaction I have with all sorts of people.
The flexibility of working from home is a real bonus, and having a separate network and business phone means I can keep work and home separate.
And the best thing? Being able to wear your slippers to work in the winter - that has to be the ultimate indulgence!"
    Kim McNeilly
    Project Administrator

"With Anyware I have achieved a 'work-life' balance that many strive for.

A networked home office and separate business phone line, means I am able to work in an independent environment but still with great team support.

I find I have enjoyed putting my talents and experience to good use for Anyware while still being encouraged to extend my knowledge into areas I may not otherwise have explored. I am constantly learning something new, a process which is recognised and supported.

I have also found that without the constant workplace activity and associated interruptions I am able to manage my time more effectively and maximise my productivity. I am master of my own schedule, and of course where else would I find a job with a 30 second travel time to work, and the associated savings in petrol, stress and time costs!!"
    Liz Donnelly
    HR Consultant

"I really enjoy being part of the Anyware team because there's always a huge variety of work, the team is great to work with, and because we all have such a strong focus on the client. Added to that are the benefits of self-employment and limited travel. Before I joined Anyware I had been looking for a job with this combination for 4 years!"
    Lindsay Butler

"I've been part of the Anyware team since 2004 and I enjoy working in a nice, friendly team environment where there are no politics like in a big corporate company. It's great to be part of a relaxed team where everyone listens to each others ideas."
   Lei Ho




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