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Why You Need a Domain Name


(Even if you don't yet have a website)

If you're ready to start a website - or even if you're not, you really should register a domain name that is associated with your business. Why? It is a way to protect your business from someone coming in and buying the domain you want before you are ready to use it. If you don't, you could find it a costly exercise to purchase the domain you want later from the person or company who owns it. Either that, or you settle for your second best choice of name.

A domain name is your brand name on the Internet. It's your address and it should also be the way that people contact you via email.your domain name
Every website must have a unique name that identifes it. The domain is the part of the address after www. Some examples are:

You have to register a domain to be able to use it in your website address. There is an ongoing annual fee to maintain registration, because you don't actually own the domain name, rather you lease the right to use it. If you don't renew your domain, its goes back into the pool and is available for someone else to use.

Your domain not only identifies your business on the Web, it becomes part of your business email address. You can still receive business emails at your existing email account by having mail from your business email address forwarded to your personal account. We call this a mail redirect - just like you do with postal mail when you move house. As far as the customer sees, they are emailing a business address. It looks professional and credible. How seriously would you take me and my business if I asked you to send me email at a personal account such as

A domain name is a small expense, but it's the first purchase you should make if you want to be taken seriously by potential customers searching for businesses like yours?

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