Profit Making Tools For Your Web Site

These tools make it easy for your customers to find you and do business with you. They help you increase sales and repeat business.

Google Map

View Google map      Google Street View


Google Map

  • Put a map image on your web site and link to Google Maps
  • Zoom out for big picture or in close for detail
  • If customers visit your office then send them a welcome email with a map link

Google Street View


Google Street View

  • Include a street view image below your map
  • Brilliant if your main entrance is not easy to find


Google Calendar

  • Show when you or your facility are available
  • Visitors are more likely to enquire if they know when you are available
  • Easy to sync with your outlook calendar


YouTube Video

  • Easy to upload video from any modern video camera or web camera
  • Testimonials, Installation Instructions, How To Videos
  • Do you explain something to customers a lot? Do it by video!
  • Roll out video with your newsletter & have a video archive page on your web site.

Put your name and web site address on the video in case it becomes popular!

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