Will you help me write the text for my website?

Well written sales copy instantly shows your best customers they are in the right place. It makes it easy for them to find the information they are looking for and it answers all their questions. It creates a personal connection with your best prospects, guides them through your web site and compels them to call you.

In our experience, clients who choose to write their own sales copy usually delay the launch of their new website by 3 to 8 months. And the end result often requires significant re-work anyway. Writing sales copy is a difficult task that takes most people years to learn to do well. So we recommend you don’t try it unless you have years of experience writing sales copy for the web. Ask your web design company to write the content for you so you to focus on running your business. It's good for your stress levels and it's good for your bottom line.

Outsourcing the copy writing does not mean you lose control. It’s your business and you are the subject matter expert, so a good copy writer will exploit your knowledge efficiently. They’ll look at your existing marketing information, brainstorm with you or take notes over the phone. They may even ask you to jot down notes, which is quick and easy if you don’t spend time polishing the words.

Consider the lifetime value of your average customer - let’s assume that they spend $2000 over 5 years. And that every month your finished web site will help you win 2 new customers. So every month the launch of your web site is delayed will cost you $4000, and delay of 8 months (which is not unusual) could cost you $32,000 in lost business. For many businesses, 2 new customers per month who spend $2000 over their lifetime are very conservative estimates. You could easily double or triple this. Some can add zeros. Is it really worth saving a few hundred dollars to write your web site sales copy yourself?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, otherwise we hope to work with you soon!