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Web Design Tips - Video On Your Home Page.

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Video on your home page


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Video on your home page

Oops... Were you annoyed that the video button didn't go anywhere or do anything? I know I was when I was recently asked to review a friend's video they had just put on their website and the exact same thing happened. As it turned out I could view their video on Chrome and Internet Explorer but not Firefox! The video itself was really good but that fact that my first attempt to view it failed abysmally still took some gloss off it. To compound issues I also found out that the video has not been properly optimised to make the most of SEO.

Imagine also how you would feel if your visitors don't have the opportunity to hear and see what you have to say and leave your website within the first 10 seconds which is the generally accepted time for bounce rates. One of the top reasons for high bounce rates from websites is that a lot of visitors are overwhelmed with the amount of information being placed in front of them.

Remember how many chances you get to make a first impression - one. According to Dr McQuivey of Forrester Research watching a minute of video is the equivalent of reading 1.8 million words.

A video can:

  • Show your visitors what it is like to work with you and your company.  
  • Project your core values.  Let them know the real you.  
  • Provide your visitors with a sense of direction around your website  
  • Demonstrate a product or mention how your service can bring results - they will want to know more about that product and service.  
  • Encourage visitors to other parts of your site, share your video through social media or complete some next steps mentioned in your video.  
  • Attract social shares.  People love to share video on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • Video makes business content spring to life.  Increased social shares means increased brand awareness and increased traffic to your site.

The scope for a Home Page Video is endless.... it is just your imagination that can limit it.  

In our next newsletter we will look at the benefits of having a video on your Home Page.....Watch this space.

Happy Marketing,

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