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Brand Awareness


Web Deisgn Tips - Brand AwarenessLast month we looked at the impact of video on your home page.

Now we focus on the benefits, which include:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Customer Engagement and Interest

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All three of these are equally important and compliment each other.  Each of these areas is a newsletter in itself and we'll address each in it's own article.

As a business owner one of the most important things for you is:-

Brand Awareness

You want your visitors to recognise your brand and what it represents. Think of some well known brands; the blue & orange font of TradeMe, the golden arches of MacDonalds, the swoosh of Nike, the Silver Fern of NZ Sports Teams.

Think about the Fair Go Ad Awards. These give equal exposure to both the BEST and WORST Ads on Television. From a marketing perspective both are equally attractive in achieving Brand Awareness.

Here are some of the benefits of having a Video on your Home Page:-

  • A video can keep people engaging with your brand, especially if you add in a little humour.

  • It enables you to show off the top feature of your product/service whilst sharing your brand personality, for example "your old mate The Mad Butcher" (Sir Peter Leitch)

  • Share your expertise and gain your visitors trust - establish yourself as the go-to expert.

  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Decision makers want information they can trust and a video starring you establishes you as the trusted expert.

  • It is one thing to write down why someone should buy your product or use your service. It is quite another to see it in action.

  • It enables you to clarify your Product/Service. Interpretation is a very personal thing and we all see things differently. Our interpretation of the same words can be quite different. Give your visitors a better understanding of your product/service, explain what you can do for them and the benefits of choosing your business.

  • And my personal favourite - STORIES! When you introduce your video with an experience that both you and your best customer have had, you form a bond with them. It's a connection that compels them to say "this person is just like me". They watch your video to the end. They read every scrap of your marketing. They ask "what can I buy from you?" not "should I buy from you?"

Now that we have strong Brand Awareness, our next focus will be on ensuring Customer Engagement and Interest ...... topic of the next newsletter.

Did you read this all ..... would you rather have watched a video?

Happy Marketing,



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