How much does a small business website cost ?

The cost of a website depends on how complex it is and how much you want to spend. Typically our customers spend between $1800 and $4000. We can do it for less if you’re on a budget and you can spend more if your needs are greater.

Your web designer needs to understand what you want before they can give you a price. They should offer you a free, no obligation consultation where you can talk to them about what you want and how much you can afford to spend. They’ll help you understand your needs and suggest options to give you simple and profitable web site.

Once you’ve chosen your web designer and talked to them about your requirements and your budget, they’ll give you a quote. It should be broken down so you can see where all the costs lie. Make sure it includes any ongoing costs, such as web hosting, domain name registration and email services. And be sure to discuss ongoing maintenance.

Have you thought about launching your website in stages? If you can’t afford everything you want at once that shouldn’t hold you back. You can get a professional site up and running quite quickly if you prioritize and start small. You can add more features later and your web site will start earning for you sooner.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, otherwise we hope to work with you soon!