Will my website design look amazing and be consistent with my brand?

A successful web site gives a great first impression and is consistently branded. Your brand is vitally important to your business and this is an area where many web sites fail to deliver. When somebody visits your web site their first impression of your business and recognition of your brand are formed in an instant. And these 2 things determine the level of credibility that you start with and how convinced they are by everything you say after that.

Good branding means your web site, business card, letterhead, vehicles and signage should all look the same. Each exposure to your brand is an opportunity to build trust, credibility and recognition. If visitors don’t recognise your brand because it looks different to the last time they saw it, you have to start building that trust all over again. Don’t waste those all important first few seconds on reintroducing yourself. So make sure your brand is consistent across everything that has your logo on it.

There is no substitute for a good, clear web design. Many businesses choose templates and these can be too basic, cluttered or just plain ugly. Even worse, they often match somebody else’s brand and not yours. A well branded and designed website will be recognised by visitors who have met your brand before. It will show your visitors they are in the right place and get your message across quickly from a highly credible platform.

Small business owners often use different companies to produce their web site, business cards and vehicle signage because it seems cheaper or more convenient. But it’s a false economy. Using one design company to manage all your branded material makes everything consistent and more efficient. And because they know the best printing and signage companies they can often get you a better price. Best of all they can make the whole process really easy for you.

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