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Web Design Tips - After Sales Service For Small Business New Zealand, NZ

My last web company built my web site and I never heard from them again!

How good is your after sales service?

Customers sometimes ask us how good our after sales service is, because after their last web design company finished their web site they never heard from them again.

Your web site is an introduction to a whole new world of marketing opportunity for your business and Anyware's vision is to help you grow your business by keeping things simple and helping you make the most of your opportunities. We hope to work with you for a long time.

Every business is different so we'll help you identify the best opportunities for using the Internet to market your business and we'll help you work through and apply them as you are ready. We can help you edit your web site, produce great newsletter, get ranked in Google, advertise on Google or Facebook or leverage the power of social media.

The key is to identify which marketing opportunities are likely to give you the best return, prioritise them and work through them. We'll help you evaluate those opportunities and prioritise them. And we can implement them for you, work with you to do it, or just advise you in the background as you implement them.

For example, once we've helped you to evaluate your best opportunities, we might find that adding a calendar to your web site makes it easy for you to administer events that you run and makes it easy for you customers to register. Or we may find that an email newsletter is a cost effective way for you to educate your customers so they buy more. Every business is different so the most important step is to identify the best opportunities for your business.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, otherwise we hope to work with you soon!