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The Bad AND Good News

about Google's Keyword "Not Provided" Cover-up


Web Design Tips - ParanoidHave you wondered where all those "Not Provided" clicks are coming from in your Google Analytics report?

Google used to tell us how many times per month a prospect searched for keywords like "Plumber Wellington" or "Leather Handbag Wellington" and then clicked to your web site. And if you have conversion tracking set up you could even see the dollar value of orders resulting from searches for "Tungsten Knife Sharpener" or the number of enquires you got from "Property Manager Wellington".

If you wanted to know the easiest way to grow your business, improving your organic rankings for keywords like this might have been it.

The bad news is that since 2011 Google has been progressively hiding more and more keyword visit information and relabelling it as "Not Provided". The latest count had 84% of keyword seaches showing as "Not Provided".
They claim this was in the interests of protecting user privacy. What they forgot to mention was that they did not hide the same information from paid searches. After all, why would their customers pay for ads if Google refuses to tell them what they are paying for?

There are many conspiracy theories about why Google did this, the most popular being that they want to force you to use their paid service.

The good news is that thanks to some clever algorithms combined with a variety of real time and statistical data sources, we can now acurately estimate your keyword visit data once again.
The system takes data from Google Analytics, click through rates, search volumes, Google Webmaster tools and keyword data from your landing pages.
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Now if that sounds complicated, it's because it is. And I'm not going to try to explain how it works, just know that it does. And we're now back to having some acurate estimates of your keyword visit data.

So it you want to know how many sales you got from people Googling "Red Merino Socks" or how many times "Double Glazing Wellington" turned into enquiries for you then let us know and we can hook up your web site to the system.

The system we use is a proprietary paid service and is probably not available to your competitors.
There is a set up cost of $240 and a monthly cost of $50. This includes a monthly report that shows you which keywords your customers are using to find you.
The system also does a whole bunch more fancy SEO stuff than described in this article and we can optionally give you access to explore the system if you are one who appreciates good statistics.

Prosperous marketing,

PS. Always remember that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you!

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