Web Design Article - Break it down to get it done

Ask any good business coach how to achieve something big and they'll tell you to break it into small pieces and schedule regular time in your calendar.
You'll nibble at the pieces and get it done.

AnywareNowhere is this technique more effective (or necessary) than improving your web site marketing machine.
You don't have IRD deadlines or shouting customers to motivate you. Just your own innate sense that this will power you ahead of the competition.
No pressure. No deadlines. Your will power vs the constant demand for your time from all directions.

Mountains Aren't So Big...

It's amazing how a mountain shrinks when you plan everything that needs to be done to climb it.
Your plan could be a simple list, which you break into 6 or 12 tasks. If you need to fill them with detail to get a handle on the project and make it real then let step 1 of your project be to add this detail.

Or your plan could be a collection of modest quotes from your web designer. So you can take a step forward every month without stressing your cash flow.
If planning or starting big projects is something you tend to put off then let your web designer do the planning for you.
(Call us if this is the right approach for you.)

Keeping Your Momentum Going
Ok, the hard part is done. That wasn't so bad. Was it?
Now for the next hardest part - keeping the momentum going.

Your calendar is your best friend.
(Sorry girls if you thought it was diamonds.)

Make an appointment with yourself every week for 1 or 2 hours (or what ever you need) to take regular bites at the pie.
Book your calendar ahead and stick to it. No excuses. Disable distractions.

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with the schedule then reduce the duration or frequency of your appointments slightly. Small regular progress will get you to the end without nasty side effects.

Delegation and Outsourcing
If your time is better spent in other areas (like sales or doing billable work) consider handing over some or all of the process to your administrator or web designer.
Once you have a good plan they can work through the implementation while you focus on running your business.

This process works whether you're short on time or short on cash flow. And it works just as well for a large project or for a series of small improvements.
The most important ingredients are a small commitment of your time and a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

So picture yourself in 12 months.
Are you still waiting for a convenient time to start your web site improvements?
Or are you grinning like Cheshire the cat because you took the first small step 12 months ago and your web site now produces 50% more enquiries?

Call Anyware Web Design today if:

  • Your vision involves a significant project and you'd like to break it into small manageable pieces, or
  • You want to make small regular improvements to your web site.

04 939 1708 - we're waiting by the phone to help you get a BIG RESULT from a small spend!

Happy marketing,