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How To Use Video Syndication to Squash Your Google Competition

People are becoming aware that video is that ultimate way to establish yourself as the trusted expert that everybody wants to buy from.

But what most people don't know is the power your videos give you to dominate your category in Google.

See the 2 examples in the video.
This first shows a search for diamond rings wellington.
You can see our clients web page at number 4, followed by 3 videos, a gap and then another video.

The second example shows a local search for business software johnsonville.
In this case we have multiple rankings that completely dominate the top half of page 1.

How Rankings Work

To show you how we acheive this I need to give a quick background on how Google rankings work.

Keyword Selection

The first and most important part of getting great rankings is keyword selection.
Choose a keyword that nobody is searching for and you waste all your time and money.
Likewise if you choose a keyword that does not represent what you do, you'll attract visitors who don't want what you're selling.

For example, a lawn mowing service shoud not target "lawns". While this keyword may get more searches, it will attract people looking for all manner of lawn related information and products and hardly any of them will be good customers.
"lawn mowing" is the most frequently searched term that is relevant and will deliver good quality leads.

Page Relevance

Making your pages relevant is the 2nd step.
When somebody searches "lawn mowing" in Google, the first thing Google does is evaluate how relevant your web site is for they keyword "lawn mowing".
If your web site looks to Google like it's about lawn mowing then you're in the running.

Link Popularity

Google wants to show it's customers the best content. So next it decides which lawn mowing web site is most popular.
Link popularity is determined by the number of other web sites that link to your web site and the quality of those links.

If an irrelevant or even spammy web site links to your web site, Google will assign you a tiny amount of link popluarity, or possibly none at all.
If a high ranking web site for "lawn mowing" links to your web site, Google will assign you a lot more link popularity and your ranking climbs.

And the more high quality links you have coming to your web site,the higher your link popularity and the higher your ranking.

There's obviously lot more detail than that, but that's fundamentally how rankings work.

It Starts with a Special Offer

There's no point getting great rankings and attracting tons of visitors unless you turn them into leads.
You need a special offer page (often your home page) that offers visitors something so irresistable that they are happy to give you their email address.
This is the page you want to get to the top of Google and send all your visitors to.

Social Media Links and Visitors

Google loves social media.
Every time you link to your web site from social media, Google gives you link popularity.

Social media is great for engaging your customers on their turf.
But you should never build your entire business on social media sites.
You'd be surprise to know the number of business owners who built their entire business on Facebook only to be shut down because they broke one of Facebook's rules, or because Facebook changed the rules.

To get the most value from social media you need to use it to engage your audience and drive them to your special offer page.
And use it to create keyword rich links that build your link popularity.

Social Leverage

The main social media sites are the big 4 that everybody knows (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In & Google+).
But you may be surprised to know that Youtube is also a socia media site, and that there are nearly 60 social sites that can be used to attract visitors and build your rankings.

So don't just post to the big 4, leverage all of them and you'll get significant improvements to your link popularity and rankings.

Google Loves Video

Upload a video to Youtube and include a link to your web site, and you get serious link popularity. Google loves Youtube. So much that they bought it.
Share your video on the dozen or so video sharing sites and you increase your link popularity even more.

But the the leverage really kicks in when you post links to your videos on the 60 odd social media sites. Your videos get link popularity and their rankings climb.
And because the rankings of your videos have climbed, they push up the ranking of your web site even more.

Blogs And The Natural Melting Pot

If there's anything Google loves more than Video, it's a video on a blog.

Google also loves a natural mix (i.e. random hodge podge) of different types of links.
If you focus all your efforts on one type of link (say video only) your rankings will stop improving quite quickly.

But when your links come from a combination of different types of content such as video, socia media and blogs this looks to Google like a natural community that loves your content.
Google's favourite thing.

Many blog owners are constantly looking for great content and they are happy to link back to your web site.
So send them your video articles too and your will rankings climb to a new level again.


Most of the work is in setting up the system and the 60 or so social media accounts.
Then you can submit more videos as often as you want.

The real leverage is applied when you use multiple videos and apply the submission process for each video.
The process can be repeated efficiently for each video, but the results are just as powerful each time you do it.

If you use a sales robot, you probably have a number of videos already that are perfect for this process.

Looking at this process as whole, when you create and submit a video you get surprising improvements to your search engine rankings, AND you get heaps of exposure to your social media sites which drives visitors back to your special offer and adds more leads to your sales robot.

Your sales robot follows up your leads while you swim, play tennis or ride your bike and you come back to discover new customers have arrived.

As you syndicate more videos your rankings continue to build and you continue to generate traffic, leads and customers.
It's entirely possible to dominate a Google search as you can see in the examples I showed.


By now I'm sure you're looking at this thinking I'm mad for suggesting you waste your precious time manually updating dozens of video and social media sites.

That's where we come in. We have a system that does all of this for you.
Once the system is set up, we can submit videos and social media links for you as often you as you need us to and the process is more efficiently than you might think.

The only question left is:
How will you spend your time when your web site is attracting all the leads you need and your sales robot has replaced the need for you to follow them up?

Prosperous marketing,



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