Anyware Web Design and Marketing


This glossary identifies and describes terms and phrases to make it easy for you to complete your timesheet using terms that are consistent and easy for our clients to understand.


Consistently use the following terms to describe what you do so our clients can easily appreciate the value they are getting.
This glossary will be published on our web site so clients can more easily understand our timesheets.

Review Read through supplied info and become familiar with it so we can understand it and get the most from it when we add it to your web site.
Plan Determine what to put on a web page or how to do something or solve a problem. When planning a web page we usually create a word document that reflects how the finished web page will look.
Write Take key information and write the first draft of the text for a page.
Proof read Check that a page reads well and has no spelling mistakes or typos. We usually do this before applying changes to a web site. Does not include making changes.
Verify Check that changes made to a web site were applied correctly. Does not include making changes.
Package Prepare information or software for you so you can easily install it or use it.
Resize Change the size of an image so it fits on a web page
Optimise Adjust the compression of an image to make it as small as possible with minimum loss of image quality.



Consistently use the following labels to describe what you have produced so our clients can easily appreciate the value they are getting.

Domain Name The name of your web site, e.g.
Key Information Terms or phrases that identify important aspects of your business.
Nav Bar Navigation Bar - the main links that guide people to different pages of your web site. Usually runs down the left side of the page.
Structure How the pages and navigation of a web site are organised.
Page 1 page of a web site
Web Site Design The overall look of your web site. Includes logo, branding and graphics that appear consistently on every page.
Page Layout How content is laid out on a specific page, e.g. an image is added to the top right corner of your home page, inset in the text.
Product Gallery A list of products with photos. Makes it easy for your customers to browse your products.
Keyword Summary Report The report that we produce for clients that identifies popular keywords and how much traffic, enquiry and sales they produce.
Keyword Ranking Report The report produced by web position that shows the rankings for a list of keywords.
Keyword Popularity Report The keyword search popularity report from Wordtracker.
Keyword Traffic Report Either a Hitslink report or our own web stats report that shows hits per keyword and (if hitslink) transactions and possibly sales.