How to please your customers with thank you gifts

Businesses hold client events, and give gifts, notes, or cards to tell people "thank you". What is the best way to send that message that is both appropriate and timely? The middle of the year is a good time to think about how you want to go about fostering client relationships for the rest of the year, including those end of the year recognitions.

When: Cards at Other Times

Many businesses send Christmas cards. It is recognised as a good time to acknowledge relationships, and it comes at the end of the year when we are reflecting upon our client work. This is also the time of year when there is the most traffic. Think of other times of the year you can send a card or thank you gift so it will stand out:

  • Labour weekend
  • Client birthday
  • Anniversary of work commencing
  • Mid Winter
  • Summer BBQ
Sometimes the best way to recognise the client is by acting on the moment. If you have received a particularly nice piece of business, or if you have completed a large transaction that involved a significant time commitment on the part of the client, acknowledging that commitment with a letter, or a gift at the time

How: Individualise Recognition

There can be advantages recognising clients as individuals. One size can fit all, but the best recognition is often something which acknowledges the uniqueness of the individual responsible for sharing business with you.

Depending on how well you know the client, you may personalise the gift to the client's personal hobby, work style, business interests, family or charitable interests. . The key is to know your client and what will make them feel appreciated.

Remember, It's About Them

Sometimes when businesses mix marketing with gift giving, they have a tendency to want the gift to be a reflection of their company. Hence the coffee mug with logo, the key chain with logo, and/or the umbrella with logo. This is not the time to be self-serving.

Anyware Gift Shop, How we do it
We have recently developed a Gift Shop. We use this shop to send thank you gifts to clients from time to time. Clients are able to log onto the site choose the gift that appeals to them, a truly personalised gift! We have also used this service to promote some of our clients' products and services and included some of our favourite charities. There will be regular updates with new and interesting products.

See the Anyware Gift shop and spot the booby prize!!  



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