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Jenny Millican

Projects / Purveyor of Customer Happiness

"I'll probably be your first contact with Anyware when you call us.

I've had customer-focussed roles all my life - 25+ years in the Banking industry and 4 years in the Hospitality industry. These roles have also fitted in with my personal philosophy - to enjoy what I am doing and to do what I enjoy.

My aim is to deliver the best possible customer service I can to all our existing and new clients, or to direct you to one of our specialist team members. For me, adding value to both the customer and the company is what it is all about. Anyware also believe in this and it is a pleasure to be part of a small team where everyone contributes to the enhancement of the customer experience.

Talk to me, a simple phone call could boost the way you do business.

My interests include gardening, cooking and I'm a fitness fanatic.

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Mike Baker

Client Successpert

"Before joining Anyware I had known Phil for a number of years and I have seen Anyware grow substantially during this time. When the opportunity popped up to join Anyware I was pleased to offer my extensive Sales and Customer Service experience. I have spent many years in various sales roles within a variety of service industries so the transition into the world of Web Site design was quite an easy one. After all, every customer wants the best value and outcome for a fair and reasonable investment and Anyware's customer focussed Mission and Vision certainly delivers all these outcomes and more.

I will ensure your expectations are exceeded in every contact you have with me and with Anyware and I look forward to talking to you about how Anyware can enhance your business outcomes through innovative and insightful web marketing."

My interests include golf, reading and volunteering for Lions International.

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Balazs Kundermann

Pixel Persuader

"It all started when I really needed a web page to document my travels. There were some options out there those days but none of them suited my needs. I was looking for something simple with a twist. Long story short a friend of mine helped to set up my first site. I did the design, he did the coding. The seeds were planted and the passion began to grow. I went to college, graduated from web programming and started to see the meaning behind the code.

Over the past years I specialized in building WordPress based websites. I help clients setting up a page from scratch or redesigning existing templates. I also like problems. It is like a crime story to me. I cannot fall asleep until the mystery is solved. I am also a keen photographer and that helps me with arranging the content on a site in a visually pleasing way.

I like travelling with my kids and when I need to clear my head after a big day or have a break from coding I go for long distance running along the Hutt River.

My motto is save the pixel. Do not use more of them than necessary."

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Phil Donaldson

Director / Idea Whisperer
Phil is the owner and creator of Anyware Limited.

"I wrote my first computer program at age 11 and at the time I thought that was normal. I kept my focus on IT through school, a post graduate computer science degree and into my first job as a programmer for a small direct marketing company where I often worked directly with customers - and loved working with real people.

In my 'cubicle career' as a database administrator at IBM, I polished my database skills but found myself missing the customer contact.

In my spare time I built my first web site, which seemed to require a mash-up of all the skills I'd learned so far.
It felt more like play than work and so I started Anyware and completed my transition from IT to marketing.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that 'work' can be so satisfying, and I feel privileged that most of our clients trust us enough to treat us more like a partner than a supplier.
I love solving curly problems, especially when it helps people build their businesses. And I look forward to helping you build yours.

My interests include sea kayaking, tree planting, automating stuff and writing (fiction and non-fiction)."

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