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How to View Xtra Email online and Educate your Spam Filter

Only mails that are in your webmail inbox (online) will download to your normal Outlook express or whatever you use. This means that any mail the system thinks is spam will be put in here, and unless you register and view your mails online, you will never see them. To register:

You need to sign on to the Yahoo!Xtra Bubble webmail services:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Email in the top navigation bar
  3. Begin the registration process by entering your full Xtra email address ( and your Xtra password.
  4. Click Sign In

Once you have a login, to access your mail in the future:

  • there will be a navigation bar for Yahoo!Xtra that you can keep displayed that has a mail link.
  • or keep the link on your favourites.
  • or log in to
Then enter your e-mail address and password to access your mail online.

You can only train the system for spam by logging on to Yahoo!xtra Bubble. It's worth doing this as if any spam gets into your inbox, you can report it here as spam and therefore not download it. You will also need to go online to view the 'bulk' folder and extract any mails that are not spam.

When you login to view your mail online, you will see that you have 'Folders' on the left hand side. The 'Bulk' mail folder is where the mails that are suspected to be spam get put. DON'T just empty it without looking, as there can be mails that ARE NOT spam put in here. Look through this folder. If there are any mails in there that ARE NOT spam, then click in the check box and select the 'Move' drop down box. Click 'Inbox' in the drop down box to move the non-spam mail to your inbox. This will 'teach' the spam filter to allow mails from that sender in the future.

When the 'Bulk' folder holds only spam, then click on 'Empty' and that will get rid of all the 'Bulk' mails.

Conversely, when you look in your inbox, if there are any mails that are spam, then you can either:

  • check the box next to them and then click the 'spam' selection box
  • or, if you aren't sure, you can click on the mail to open and read it first. If it is spam you can click on the 'spam' box there.



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