How Do I Get More Traffic From Search Engines?

Anyware Search Engine Optimisation Services

  1. Measure Your Current Results
  2. Identify the Best Keywords
  3. Optimise Your Pages
  4. Increase Your Link Popularity
  5. Review the Results

1. Measure Your Current Results

We can only try it and see.
We'll help you make intelligent guesses about what will work for you, but there's no way for us to know for sure until we try it.

To ensure we can focus on the methods that bring you success and eliminate the methods that don't, we need as much detail as we can get about what works and what does not.

We use a tool called HitsLink to measure for each search engine keyword, how many people have clicked through to your web site and then bought your product or service online.
If you don't have an online store, measuring the number of people who complete your enquiry form is just as good.

This quickly shows us how well each keyword is working for you in ALL the search engines, and helps us establish how much better each keyword can work for you.

Here's how HitsLink works...

2. Identify the Best Keywords

Choose popular keywords that are relevant to your product or service and you can create a flood of traffic - and a stream of sales that grows steadily.

Use keywords that are not relevant enough and you could attract tons of people to your web site, who leave immediately because you are not providing what they expected to find.

Or if you get a top search engine ranking for a keyword phrase that nobody is searching for, you'll get no traffic and you've wasted your time.

So choose a keyword phrase that is searched for frequently, and about which you can offer expert advice.

For example, if you sell printers then "printer" is a popular and relevant keyword phrase. But surprisingly, "hp printers" is searched for 70% more often than "printer".

There are plenty of traps when finding good keywords, so use some good keyword suggestion tools: Search Engine Positioning Tools or a professional search engine marketing company.

3. Optimise Your Pages

If you prefer to do your own search engine optimization (and you don't mind a BIG learning curve), then search engine optimisation tools like WebPosition Gold give the best results. Otherwise hire a professional - it will save you both time and money and you are likely to get better results.

4. Increase Your Link Popularity

To get a great ranking you need to show search engines that your page is popular. That means getting plenty of links from other web sites that use similar keyword phrases.

To get ranked well for "hp printers", 10 links from web sites that talk about printers (especially hp printers), are better than 100 links from web sites that talk about politics.

Effective ways to improve your link popularity include:

  1. Submit your site to quality free or paid web directories
  2. Write an article and submit it to an article directory
  3. Build a small info site focused on the keyword phrase you are targeting
  4. Use keyword rich links throughout the navigation of your web site
  5. Swap links with suppliers, partners and associates
  6. Swap links with other top ranking sites

Traps to avoid (search engines may penalize you for these):

  1. Submitting your site to link farms (web sites that are just big lists of random links)
  2. "Keyword stuffing/spamming" - over using your keyword phrases
  3. Swapping links with web sites that you think are junk

Remember - if you find a web site that you think is drivel and nobody would ever want to visit, then there is a good chance that a search engine will agree - so don't swap links with them.

Search engines want to return the best and most popular information to their customers - so make it your mission to produce it and make it popular!

5. Review the Improvements

HitsLink allows you to pick any statistic and compare your current results with the same numbers from any time period.

So if you wrote an article like "Most Reliable HP Printer Reviews" and got links from 10 printer related web sites in the last month, your increased clicks, transactions and revenue might look like this:

Search EngineSearch TermsClicksTransactionsRevenue
MSN New Zealandhp printers315235.25
Google New Zealandhp printers200.00

Search EngineSearch TermsClicksTransactionsRevenue
MSN New Zealandhp printers457295.75
Google New Zealandhp printers17234.55

If you spent $300 with your web designer to achieve this it was well worth the investment to get an extra $90 per month.

Of course now you need to know how well each keyword is working for you to make your search engine optimisation efforts effective.  



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