Search Engine Marketing - Turn One Article into a Perpetual Marketing Machine

Search Engine Marketing - Turn One Article into a Perpetual Marketing Machine

To get good, sales producing search engine traffic for a page on your web site you need 3 key things:
  1. Good content on a well constructed page
  2. Page Optimisation - a page that is targeted to a popular and relevant keyword phrase
  3. Link Popularity - a good variety of high quality links from other web sites that talk about a similar topic (i.e. use similar keywords), and plenty of them.
We'll assume you have a great web site design company, so #1 is covered.
With a bit of expertise and elbow grease (or some help from your web designer) you can absolutely nail your page optimisation and link popularity simply by writing an article and following some straight forward steps to get it published far and wide.

The outcome of this process is that you will create a great resource (your article) and get maximum leverage by squeezing every ounce of marketing potential from it.

Here's how...

Identify a Great Keyword Phrase

Choose popular keywords that are relevant to your product or service and you can create a flood of traffic - and a stream of sales that grows steadily.

Use keywords that are not relevant enough and you could attract tons of people to your web site, who leave immediately because you are not providing what they expected to find.
Or if you get a top search engine ranking for a keyword phrase that nobody is searching for, you'll get no traffic and you've wasted your time.

So choose a keyword phrase that is searched for frequently, and about which you can offer expert advice.

For example, if you sell camping equipment then "camping gear" is a popular and relevant keyword phrase.

Bonus leverage idea: if you find yourself explaining the same information to many customers, write an article and use it as a sales tool (guess why I wrote this article).

There are plenty of traps when finding good keywords, so use some good keyword suggestion tools: or a professional search engine marketing company.

Write a Short Article

Getting on page 1 of Google is useless if nobody clicks to your web site - you want to have the most appealing link on the page. A short, easy to read and informative article from an expert is a great way to do this.

Give your article a title that appeals to people searching for camping gear, for example "Camping Gear - choosing the right equipment for your trip".
Try to keep the title to about 9 words (Google likes this), but most importantly ensure the title contains your keywords as a complete phrase ("Camping Gear"), preferably at or near the beginning of the title.

Write a short article, ideally 500 to 600 words. Writing shorter or longer won't stop this process from working, but the further outside this range you go the less Google will like your article.

Try to include some links to pages within your web site. When other people publish your article on their web sites they will send you traffic and boost your rankings for years to come. Also be sure to add a copyright notice, and permission to reprint, like this. This step is really important - if it's easy for other people to republish your article, you can get a collection of high quality links back to your web site that grows steadily.

Add Your Article to Your Web Site

Add an articles page to your web site and add the article to it.
As you write more articles this will become a great resource that attracts search engine traffic and return visitors who have read your other articles.

For maximum leverage ensure you have a newsletter subscription form on your articles page, and a link to it from every page on your web site.
As your traffic increases your mailing list will grow faster - along with your opportunity to bring all those people back to your web site to buy.

See our articles page for an example:

Send Your Article in Your Email Newsletter

Email the article to your mailing list in a newsletter as a quick sales booster. Include the article and if you sell a product, a special offer.
Every time you do this, you remind your prospects you exist, and you increase the number of people who buy from your web site.
It usually takes at least 3 newsletters before your mailing list starts turning into buyers.

If you don't have a mailing list yet, add a newsletter signup page to your web site - even if you don't plan to publish for a while. The longer you wait to do this, the more selling opportunities you lose.

Submit Your Article to Article Directories

Now that you have a great article which is published on your web site, send heaps of traffic to it!

Submit your article to an article directory and the search engine rankings for your web site (especially the page your new article is on) will quickly be boosted by a quality link from a popular web site.
This increases your link popularity nicely.

If your article is good enough, it could be reprinted by dozens of other web sites. Each time this happens you get a super high quality link that gives a huge boost to your link popularity.

And you can get the same effect for each directory that accepts your article, multiplying your results each time. This is how you get maximum leverage.

There are countless mediocre articles out there, so make sure you produce great content that makes your web site shine.

Here are some tools and info for submitting to article directories:

Measure it so you can grow it

For each visitor to your web site, you want to know how they found you and how much they spent. Then you can work on increasing the traffic from each source that is earning you money.

For example:

  • 100 visitors find your web site each month by searching for "outdoor camping gear"
  • 10 then browse your web site and spend a total of $40 each (a total of $400 per month)
  • by searching for "outdoor camping gear" you find yourself at position 3 on page 2
When you increase your ranking from the top of page 2 to the top of page 1, what happens to your $400/month? $800? $1200?

You can do this for each keyword that produces web site traffic, multiplying your results each time!
This is an excellent way to pick the keyword phrase for your next article.

Repeat monthly

Every time you repeat this process, you increase the speed at which your sales grow.
That's not an increase in sales - that's an increase in the speed at which your sales grow.

Find a balance that works for you. Send your newsletter too often and you'll lose too many subscribers from your mailing list. Send it too infrequently and you're missing sales opportunities.

You now have a simple tool to accelerate your sales growth, so start choosing your keyword phrase now!

P.S. If you have existing articles ready to publish this process will work even better.

About the Author
Since 1998, Phil Donaldson has helped hundreds of business owners understand, in plain English, how their web sites can help their businesses grow, and find the simplest solutions to do it.
If you'd like to apply this system to your business, but don't have the time or inclination to complete all the steps yourself then we can help. Contact for professional web design and search engine marketing services in Wellington, New Zealand.
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