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Beating OOS

What Can You Find Here?  
This page contains links to a large number of resources that you can't help but find useful on your journey to the other side of OOS - enjoy the trip!
Remember, when seeing any health professional, conventional or otherwise, it is wise to check their credentials before spending your money with them.

The Alexander Technique  
The Alexander Technique is about teaching you to remove patterns of mis-use from your everyday use of your body.  The net effect is that you become able to perform the same tasks while building up far less tension in your body, obviously a very useful skill for overcoming OOS.
For more information about The Alexander Technique see:

To find a teacher of The Alexander Technique see:

Buteyko Resources  
Of great benefit to asthma sufferers, Buteyko will help you breath better and help your awareness:

The Feldenkrais® Method  
The Feldenkrais® Method is a unique system of movement education where you learn awareness of how you use your body and improve your functioning.  These subtle, gentle movement lessons develop awareness, organisation and co-ordination and provide new alternatives for moving.

OOS/RSI Resources  
Here are some good sites dedicated to OOS:

Osteopaths specialise in the structure of the body and they are very good at fixing things that are wrong with it, like problems caused by too much tension.  What they can't do is prevent the build up of that tension or the ongoing problems caused by it.
There are many variations of osteopathy, not all of them work for every person.  If an osteopath is not able to help you, try another osteopath who uses a different method.
For more information about Osteopathy see:

To find an Osteopath see:

The Pilates Method  
The Pilates method is an excercise method which aims to create balance in the body.  This is achieved through a series of well designed movements whose objectives are to improve muscle balance, flexibility, coordination and strength.
The result this has on out of balance muscles effected by OOS can be excellent.
For more information about Pilates see:

To find a Pilates teacher see:

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning universal life force energy.  This healing energy is drawn through the body and vitalises the whole system.  Reiki is very relaxing, soothes pain and shock, calms the mind and emotions and treats on all levels with a feeling of well-being.
The best part about Reiki is that you can go on a one day attunement course, after which you can treat yourself and others for the rest of your life.
For more information about Reiki see:

To find a Reiki practitioner see:

The word relax is often (wrongly) associated with activities like slumping in an arm chair in front of the TV - you need to relax, not collapse.  Have you ever wondered why you often end up more tired than when you started when you do this?
Your body can relax best when it's in a state that doesn't create excessive tension in muscles.  When you slouch in a sofa, you create tension and imbalance in your back, and if your head is not supported or balanced above your neck, your neck has to work to hold it up.
To relax properly you need to do it actively; stop, place your body in a state that releases tension, and focus your mind on the job.
There are a lot of techniques for relaxing and it's no coincedence that a lot of them involve lying on your back on the floor.  This is a position in which your body is in a well balanced state, and your muscles are readily able to let go.
Below are a great variety of ways to relax:

Self Awareness  
To increase your self awareness try the Alexander Technique, Pilates, Reiki, various relaxation techniques, Tai Chi and Yoga.  You need to find methods that work for you and that you enjoy doing.
The Alexander Technique is worthy of special mention here.  I have yet to find anything that creates the same self awareness that this does.

Software for Macintosh Users  
If you use a Macintosh and find that PastTense doesn't run too well (funny that), try MacBreakZ

Tai Chi helps to develop a healthy body and alert mind.  The slow and rhythmic movements improve breathing and coordination, and relax muscles and joints.
For more information about Tai Chi see:

To find a Tai Chi teacher see:

Yoga improves state of mind, posture, self awareness, breathing control, strength, stamina and flexibility.  Your level of fitness and general health will benefit greatly.
For more information about Yoga see:

To find a Yoga teacher see:
This page is intended as information only, not medical advice.  The author can not be responsible for any results or lack of results coming from the use of this information.  

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