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What Is PastTense?  
PastTense is a software tool that can help you to reduce the build up of stress both in general and in specific parts of your body.  It can help you to target problems associated with occupational overuse syndrome (OOS), aka repetitive strain injury (RSI), before they occur or (probably for most people reading this) before they get worse.

With PastTense a number of different configuration options can be defined, each of which contains one or more timers to remind you to have a rest.  Timers can be set to remind you of anything from taking a short walk around the office every hour to stretching your wrists every 30 seconds - you define the reminder message.

A number of default configurations are supplied with PasteTense and these can be customised to suit your individual needs.  You can define up to 10 configurations, each with up to 10 timers.  Any one of these configurations can be selected and used at any time.

PastTense does not force you to have a rest by locking up your PC.  It may not always be convenient to have a rest ‘right now’ and the main job of PastTense is to give you reminders based on the rest frequencies that you define.

You are responsible!  
It is important to acknowledge that it is your work and rest habits that determine how much tension builds up in your body.  To be truly effective, PastTense needs your full commitment to resolving your problems.
PastTense runs on Windows 3.x / 95 / 98 / NT.  

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