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November 2011

This month Phil shows you some examples of how we've used video to dominate page 1 in Google for a couple of our clients and how the process works.  


Plus he explains to you how important fast loading and smooth playback is to a successful video.  


Our featured client this month is RENEST Real Estate. 


This month in Anyware Insights:
How To Use Video Syndication to Squash Your Google Competition
Videos Loading Too Slowly?
Featured Client: RENEST Real Estate

How To Use Video Syndication to Squash Your Google Competition


Using video in Google video image People are becoming aware that video is that ultimate way to establish yourself as the trusted expert that everybody wants to buy from.

But what most people don't know is the power your videos give you to dominate your category in Google.

Here are a couple of examples where our client's have 5 or 6 listings on page 1 of Google...   


Read the rest of the article and watch the video  


In the video Phil uses an easy-to-follow video syndication diagram to explain the article to you. 


Videos Loading Too Slowly?  


If you use online video to impress your customers your videos need to load fast.

Slow loading videos create a poor experience / first impression and may not be watched to the end.

Anyware's video hosting service ensure's your videos load fast and are free from adverts. Click on the link for more information and examples. 


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Featured Client


Re/Nest Real Estate


Renest home page



Anna Nankivell knows all about selling. She owns RE/NEST Real Estate in Lower Hutt.

Anna recently used Anyware to update and modernise her website. She added video to her homepage and a link to her Facebook page..

Anna's business depends on local traffic and these days many customers search for local businesses in Google Maps

We listed RE/NEST in Google Places and added keyword phrases that house buyers and sellers would use. This improved RE/NEST's ranking in Google Maps and in the general search results.  



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