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March 2012


This month Phil discusses a 'problem' - an irresistible offer that was just too successful.   Every business has an irresistible offer  - for George it's his chocolate. What's yours?


Read about George's irresistible offer and how mobile phone technology can help your offer go viral (exceed your best expectations). Then think about an irresistible offer you can make.  We can help you make it as successful as George's chocolates.  

This month in Anyware Insights:
How We Got 101 Leads per Day for a Local Small Business
Do You Have a Special Offer or Advert that Prospective Customers Respond to?
Featured Client: Automotive Mechanics

How We Got 101 Leads per Day for a Local Small Business 


101 Leads in a day I want to tell you about a really cool problem one of my clients had recently.

A few weeks before Christmas I got a call from George at Bohemein Chocolate saying "Help me Phil, I can't keep up.


I'm getting 60 responses per day for our special offer. We can't produce enough chocolate and our poor little shop is not big enough to fit all these people in at lunch time. The response is overwhelming us and I need you to dial it down."

That's the last thing a marketer wants to hear right?   

Read the rest of the article and watch the video about this irresistible offer.  


Do You Have a Special Offer or Advert that Prospective Customers Respond to?


Is your special offer working as well as you expected?  
Is it working well but taking too much of your time with follow ups?

Would you like to increase the number of responses to your marketing, or automate the process so your time is freed up?

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How Google Places Helps Customers Find You


If your business has local customers, you can help them find you by listing in Google Places.

It's Google's local 

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Featured Client


Automotive Mechanics homepage

Automotive Mechanics is a family-owned business in Newlands. Owners Cath and Stu wanted a functional website built within a fixed budget. So they  started out small with a two-page website.

Now their business is advertised online, and they've got one more way their customers and prospects can get in touch.

When they are ready, they can easily add more pages to their website. Cath and Stu  have taken a bigger job and broken it into manageable chunks.

Find out how you can break it down to get it done 


Food for Thought 

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.


Brian Tracy, Eat that Frog    


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