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June 2011

This month Phil shows you how to capitalise on those precious leads that pass by your web site never to be seen again. No need to wave bye-bye any longer.


And we show an example of how giving your home page a facelift can lift your whole business.

This month in Anyware Insights:
Web Design Tips:- A Lead Missed is Lost Forever
Where Are The Gaps in Your Web Site?
Featured Client: Hanne Andersen
Web Design Tips:- A Lead Missed is Lost Forever

Your web site looks great, your customers say they love it and that the information is easy to find.

Job Done.
Or is it? Why aren't there more orders? What's going wrong?

Normally, the 2 main problems are: 


  1. You haven't convinced your prospects to choose you (yet)
  2. They aren't ready to buy (yet).


Frog PrinceWeb site visitors don't usually make their decision on the first visit to your web site.

They want to choose someone they know and trust. And that takes more than one visit.


The problem is that once they leave, they don't usually come back.


So it's up to you to remind them you exist. And convince them to choose you.  

Build a relationship with them over time. Show them you are an expert who can be trusted and they are twice as likely to choose you.  


And if they are not ready to buy yet, the same relationship and credibility built over time will help them choose you when they are ready. 

But if you fail to grab their details as they pass through your web site you've lost this customer. Forever. No opportunity to develop that all important relationship. 


Your Irresistible Offer... 

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Prosperous marketing, Phil


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1. Good content on a well constructed page.


2. Page Optimisation - a page that is targeted to a popular and relevant keyword phrase. 


3. Link Popularity - a good variety of high quality links from other web sites that talk about a similar topic (i.e. use similar keywords), and plenty of them.


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Quick Tip

Does your web site guide people or leave them hanging?


A good web site (and I mean one that your visitors tell you is easy to use) guides people to the next piece of information they are looking for.

Don't make them work for it. They'll just leave.


Take a look at every page of your web site. Especially your home page.

After reading this page, what would your visitor want to know or do next?


Now guide them to it  with a simple call to action.   


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Featured Client

Hanne Andersen homepage June 2011  

 Hanne Andersen designer jewellery wanted to upgrade the look of their web site to reflect the quality of their store and of their product, and make it easier for customers to browse and order.


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