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July 2011

This month Phil shows you how to convert old quotes that your prospects never got around to without having to make those dreaded follow-up calls. Even Will Robinson would be jealous of this robot.


And we show an example of how giving your home page and product pages a facelift can create happy customers that come back for more.

This month in Anyware Insights:
Sell More with a Sales Robot
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Featured Client: Racetech

Sell More with a Sales Robot


Phil video screen image

Everyone loves hearing that magic 'yes' from a new client.

But I've yet to meet anybody who enjoys making the relentless follow-up calls often required to create that yes.


I learned (and proved for myself) years ago that whoever follows up the most relentlessly gets most of the work.

Even so, I personally struggle with putting those important calls at the top of my list before I move on to preferred tasks (like being audited by the IRD or cleaning the toilet).


So when I discovered another way to follow-up that was even more effective, and required less work you bet I jumped on it.


Read the article or watch the video.



Get a Free Demo of our Sales Robot  


Anyware's demonstration sales robot is an example of an automated follow-up system that is both personal and persuasive.

It shows you a typical experience that your prospective customer could have with your sales robot, and how the relationship improves with every interaction.

Try it for free now - takes about 25 seconds.


Food for thought...

There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.


Katharine Butler Hathaway


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The Anyware Team



clive chemist

Congrats to our client Wainuiomata Unichem's Clive's Chemist. Clive and the team recently won the 2011 Best Community Pharmacy Business category in the New Zealand Pharmacy Awards.


They went on to win the Supreme Award at the gala dinner. This award recognises one of the category award winners who stands out as a leading example in the pharmaceutical industry.  


Well done to Clive and 'The Happy Chemist' team

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Quick Tip

What information don't you need on your web site?


less is more



It can be easy to get a little too carried away when writing content for your web site and you can end up with too much information. Some of it interests nobody.

And uninterested visitors leave.


Go through your web site with a fine tooth comb. Look at every word and ask yourself "does this word add value?" and "would we lose anything of I removed it?


The more you say, the less people hear.

So say more with less words.


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Featured Client


Racetech Racetech Homepage 


Racetech wanted to impress their customers with a great first impression and make products easy to find.
And the new look does just that.
Funny how people buy more when they like what they see and stuff is easy to find!

Call us if you want to impress your customers too. 



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