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January 2011

This month Phil shows you how to structure your website with a sales funnel that will help you increase the number of potential customers visiting your website, and then achieving the ultimate goal of having them make an enquiry!  
We feature UK Pension Transfers, who have helped hundreds of their clients successfully transfer their UK Pensions.   

And, as always, we offer tips and tools to assist you in growing your business by using the Internet effectively. 

This month in Anyware Insights:
Lead Customers Through Your Website
Featured Client - UK Pension Transfers
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Lead Customers Through Your Website
Your sales funnel is the typical path a visitor takes through your web site.
In this example people typically visit the home page, then the services page and then the contact us page where our ultimate goal is for them to make an enquiry.
And as visitors pass through the funnel some will naturally drop out - hence the name funnel and the shape of it. Our goals are to increase the number of your best potential customers entering the funnel and decrease the numbers who drop out.
Anyware Sales Funnel
Supporting Pages
You can see a number of supporting pages down both sides here. These are pages that not every visitor to your web site needs to visit so they are not part of your main sales funnel. Their purpose is to give visitors any additional info they seek and direct them back into the sales funnel.
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Prosperous marketing, Phil


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Anyware Source Tracker - Know How Your Best Clients Find You
By Using An Exciting New Feature from Anyware
 that will assist you to know how your best
Customers found you.....

And once you have this information it's very easy to attract more of them more often.

Anyware Source Tracker retains the origin (source) of the customers search criteria such as the search engine used (e.g. Google) and the "keywords" used in that search (e.g. lawn mowing Wellington)

Maybe the enquiry came from a web site Directory (e.g. Finda or Yellow Pages) Source Tracker will report this to you. Or maybe you have a Face Book advert campaign running and the enquiry came from there. Source Tracker will report this fact.

So what does this mean to you? Once you know what is working best for your Marketing investment you can make some well informed decisions about what to continue and what to discontinue. Find the 20% of your Marketing that is returning the best results for your efforts and continue doing it.

When you know how your best customers found you it's easy to find more of them.

We can install Anyware Source Tracker onto your Enquiry Contact Form right now and you'll have this valuable marketing information at your finger tips.

See how it works


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"When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on"
Franklin D. Roosevelt

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The Anyware Team
At Anyware we are constantly striving to improve and evolve, and as such we are continuously developing new features in our Content Manager.
One of our recent additions is the Downloads Manager which allows clients using our Content Manager to add PDFs or Word docs to their web sites.
We believe this is the simplest download manager we've ever seen!
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Featured Client


With over 30 years experience in advising customers on the best way to transfer their UK pension funds, UK Pension Transfers Ltd can simplify and speed up your transfer process by helping you to make informed decisions.

They have successfully transferred over 500 UK pensions worth over $50 million.

They have a 100% success rate for eligible clients.

In addition to pension transfers, their team can also assist with a variety of other financial services and insurance issues.

If your UK pension is tied up in England, Contact UK Pension Transfers now  

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