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April 2011

This month Phil shows you some under used ways to get your future customers across the line. Build trust and they will buy...


This month in Anyware Insights:
5 ways to build trust and boost sales
How Can Your Web Site Build More Trust?
Featured Client -Bohemein Chocolates

Small business web design tips:-


5 ways to build trust and boost sales

So you've worked your tail off to get visitors and you can see them on your web stats report.

But your phone doesn't ring. What's wrong?



While there are many boxes to tick, trust is a crucial ingredient.


Even if a great prospect believes you can provide the product or service they need, you must win their trust. And if your web site does not ooze with credibility, they will probably call someone else.


Here are 5 ways to make it ooze...



Branding is by far the most poorly executed aspect of web design, and one of the most important. Most web design companies just don't get how important.


Your web site, business card, letterhead, vehicles and signage should all look the same.

If a potential customer does not recognise your web site because it looks different to your vehicle signage you've missed an opportunity to impress them and to help them remember you.   


Think of a company that uses their logo inconsistently across different media - for example web site, vehicles or shop signage.

Can't remember them? It's much easier to remember companies with consistent branding isn't it? 


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Prosperous marketing, Phil


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How Can Your Web Site Build More Trust?


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Quick Tip

Are You An Expert??



Let me rephrase that. You ARE an expert.


If you were not, you would not be able to do what you are doing now.

The real question is how much of an expert do your potential customers perceive you to be? And how do you improve that perception?


Here are some ways to  make a difference   


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Featured Client

Bohemein logo



Check out Bohemein Fresh Chocolates new web site, just in time for Easter!


Bohemein's product is at the top end of the chocolate market and the web site had to reflect this.


So we kept the brand consistent, the design simple and let the images of these stunning chocolates do much of the work.


As always, the site is simple and easy to navigate and feedback has confirmed once again that customers love this approach.


Take a peek at Bohemein's new website .  



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