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September 2010

This month Phil had the bright idea to steal the content for our main article from you! So read below to see your top tips for keeping customers happy. Ok, we did do some work - see our suggestions for applying these methods to your web site.

Mike uses some fancy words like "want", "need" and "love" to reveal more about how to sell your service.

And we feature Te Nahu Lovell and prove that websites really can look great AND load fast.
This month in Anyware Insights:
The Unauthorised Guide to Happy Customers
Sales Tip - Selling a Service
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Featured Clients - Te Nahu Lovell
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The Unauthorised Guide to Creating Happy Customers With Your Web Site
We ran a contest on Facebook over the last couple of weeks to find out the most effective thing you've done to create a great experience for your customers.
People who responded went in the draw to win Debbie Mayo-Smith's book "101 Quick Tips - Create a Great Customer Experience".

We all know the best way to bring your customers back (with a queue of friends behind them) is to give them a great experience. And you came up with some fantastic experience improvers which you can see below.

Why write an article myself if I can get you to do it for me?

Anyware is a web design company, so I suppose we better make this about the web. And we don't want you accusing me of blatant plagiarism. So I've added ways you can use our stolen tips to make your web site do all the work for you.

Let's start at the front door
Jane from Spectrum Health and Fitness says "We greet and farewell every one of our members by name and we know all of them. The personal touch really goes a long way - as long as it is genuine."

Nice one Jane.

The obvious way to do this on the web is in your email newsletter. Always ask for a first name when people subscribe and ALWAYS address your readers by their first name in the first line of your newsletter.
Doesn't that personal connection just make you feel important and appreciated ?

Read the rest of the article

Happy marketing,


Contact us and we'll help you evaluate what makes an effective web site for your business.

Sales Tip
Selling a Service  (continued from last month)
Last month we discovered that we shouldn't only focus on what our clients need or want, but also focus on what they truly "love".  This way we'll make a difference and undoubtedly win their repeat business.
So, this month let's find ways to improve our service. Think about a time when a salesperson has made a real hash of "selling"  
* Did you make a purchase?   
* Did you refer your friends to that business? 
* Most importantly, did you tell them they didn't impress you? 
The answer to all these questions will probably be "No, of course not, they don't deserve to know".
So what do you do to improve your service and make your clients truly "love" what you are selling?  Simple... you ASK them.  Now this is a very brave thing to do because guess what might happen? That's right, someone might tell you something THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR...  They might just criticise your service and we don't want to hear that, right?
WRONG...  Criticism is like gold to your business. It's a chance to improve and help your clients to "love your service"
We'll cover more next month on asking your clients about your service. However in the meantime Anyware can ensure your web site focusses on asking your clients the right questions.

CLICK HERE to see how Anyware's Web Site Action Plan can ensure you get the right feed back along with clients who truly "love your service".

So until next month keep asking your clients what they thought about your service and take a note of how they respond. If you need any advice between times, give me a call. 

Anyware's World Famous (in Wellington) Marketing Guru
(Yeah right !!!)

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Food for thought...

"Obstacles are great incentives"
Jules Michelet

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Featured Client
Te Nahu Lovell

Te Nahu Lovell & Co are a boutique law firm specialising in litigation areas of Treaty of Waitangi, Maori Land Court, Employment and Family Law.

Their new website has a striking design which enhances their unique cultural focus.

More proof that Web sites can look good AND load fast!

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TOTALFLOW® LTD is locally owned and operated, working in the Wellington region for the last 9 years, with a friendly team of qualified tradesmen who offer a full range of plumbing and gas fitting services

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