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November 2010

This month Phil shows you how to earn more from your web site marketing machine by breaking your big scary project into tasty wee morsels.

We tell you how to make buying and selling using online auctions really easy with our featured client.

And, yes, it's nearly that time of year again - so we've added in our Christmas Hours to help with your planning.

This month in Anyware Insights:
Break It Down To Get It Done
Seminar - Last opportunity for 2010!
Featured Client - ShipMyTrade
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Break it down to get it done

Ask any good business coach how to achieve something big and they'll tell you to break it into small pieces and schedule regular time in your calendar.

You'll nibble at the pieces and get it done.

Nowhere is this technique more effective (or necessary) than improving your web site marketing machine.

You don't have IRD deadlines or shouting customers to motivate you. Just your own innate sense that this will power you ahead of the competition.

No pressure. No deadlines. Your will-power vs the constant demand for your time from all directions.

Mountains Aren't So Big...Marketing Machine

It's amazing how a mountain shrinks when you plan everything that needs to be done to climb it.

Your plan could be a simple list, which you break into 6 or 12 tasks. If you need to fill them with detail to get a handle on the project and make it real then let step 1 of your project be to add this detail.

Or your plan could be a collection of modest quotes from your web designer. So you can take a step forward every month without stressing your cash flow.

If planning or starting big projects is something you tend to put off then let your web designer do the planning for you.

(Call us if this is the right approach for you.)

Keeping Your Momentum Going

Ok, the hard part is done. That wasn't so bad. Was it? Now for the next hardest part - keeping the momentum going.

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SeminarSeminar - Grow Your Business
 It doesn't need to be as complicated or expensive as you might think! This seminar is all about practical, simple and effective ways to grow your business. No Jargon, no hype - just solutions. Simple, non-technical tips to get the best marketing and web presence for your business!

Every Business Owner Should Know:

tick Who your best customers are and how to find more like them
tick The most effective marketing methods for your business
tick How to get a simple and profitable web site

Free Seminar

When:   Thursday 2nd December,
            10.00am  - 12 noon

Where:  Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce

            20 Daly Street, Lower Hutt

To register,  phone 9399821 or email
Steve Hockley, Business Coach

Phil Donaldson

Food for thought...

"Lots of things that couldn't be done
have been done"
Charles Auston Bates

Do you want:

·        More simple advice that helps your business grow?
·        Your business to appear on the Google map?
·        To succeed online in 10 minutes per day?
·        An introduction to Facebook for Business?
Find all this and much more in past issues of Anyware Insights

We welcome your feedback or comments, please email us at with anything you'd like to share.

The Anyware Team
Anyware Christmas

Anyware's Christmas Hours
Our last day for 2010 will be Wednesday 22nd December and we will reopen on Monday 17th Jan 2011.

P.S. Have you considered the benefits of joining BNI?
This is an opportunity to Network with like minded business owners whose sole objective is to find new client referrals for YOUR business.
If you would like to visit and experience first hand how membership can really help you to build your business, give us a call
Seminar - Grow Your Business

Don't miss out on our last seminar for 2010!!

When - Thursday December 2nd
Time - 10am - 12.00 noon

For more information click here

Need ideas?...

Anyware's easy to use Content Manager allows us to set up product pages with any layout you can imagine, making it easy for you to manage products and sizes.
For example, we recently added a product size drop down menu on the V.I.C Cycles product pages.

Watch this space for more innovative ideas for your website!

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Featured Client

 Shipmytrade offers a door to door delivery service for most items small or large, light or heavy, even vehicles such as boats, bikes, cars, + more.

Trademe users can now get an instant quote for large items like baby strollers, lawnmowers & bicycles.

ShipMytrade offers a unique way to allow potential bidders to obtain a quote to ship your specific auctions items, to their door from your door. Potential bidders only need to enter their suburb and city, and they will receive an instant quote.
How easy is that?

See their website for details

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