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May 2010
This month in Anyware Insights:
"Affordable" Web Design - the hidden costs of a cheap website
Sales Tip - Every Sale Is Defined By Your Customer
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In this issue we inform you about the hidden costs of a cheap website, show you how to create the right atmosphere so your clients want to buy from you, and we feature Pommygranate Training and give you the opportunity to attend one of Jo's fantastic workshops...
   "Affordable" web design - the hidden costs of a cheap web site
"Affordable" web design companies seem attractive because of the low cost, but a cheap web site costs less for good reason. There's probably something missing and it's likely to be your new customers.

Apparent Savings
Before you build your web site evaluate cost versus benefit. And the easiest benefit to measure comes from the increase in new customer enquiries.
Compare the amount a cheap web site will save you over 3 to 5 years (possibly a few hundred or thousand) versus what it can cost you in new business over the same period (possibly a few thousand or ten thousand).
The hidden costs of a cheap web site

Established web companies often focus on customers who are up to their 2nd or 3rd web site because most web site owners have to experience owning a low quality web site to appreciate the value of a high quality web site.

Unfortunately this means you have to go through an expensive mistake and potentially waste years on a poorly performing web site before you get an effective web site.
Anyware won't give up on you so quickly - we wrote this guide so you don't have to experience this pain.

This guide is written for business owners who are short on time, know their business and their customers well and are not technical experts. And it shows you what to watch out for if you're considering buying a web site where the price looks too good to be true.
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Discover what makes an effective web site at our next seminar  or  contact us and we'll help you evaluate what makes an effective web site for your business

Sales Tip

Every Sale Is Defined By Your Customer

Your clients don't like to be sold to, however they love to purchase your goods and services.  Your job as the salesperson in your business is to create an atmosphere where your clients want to buy your products or services.

And how is this achieved?  If your clients like you, believe and trust you, plus they have confidence in you and trust your Company then they just might buy from you.

If one or all of these attitudes are missing then your client just might go shop at your competitor's place.  So when you deliver value and the client likes you and trusts your Company, then the sale is pretty easy and repeat business flows through the door.

To Summarise:  A client first buys (likes) the Salesperson, then the Company, then the Product.  Get this order wrong and the result is usually No Sale.  Learn to get this order right and watch your sales conversion rate increase dramatically

Contact us and we'll help you find the most effective option for attracting more customers from your web site enquiries.
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Food for thought ...
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit".


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Seminar - Simplifying the Internet,
The Small Business Owner's Guide to a Profitable Web Site

When - Thursday June 24th 2010
Time- 10am - 12.00 noon

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"Grow Your Business - by Simplifying Your Marketing AND Your Web Site"

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Google Maps:
Including a street view image below your map is brilliant if your main entrance is not easy to find
Google Street View

Google Places:
Google has recently introduced Google Places, which makes it really easy to get your business into Google Maps, and even into the main Google search results. See last month's newsletter for the full article

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 Quick Tip
Count the number of times you use the words "you", "we" and "I" on your web site. If it's less than 3 times per page you may be able to engage your customers more effectively by using these words more often.

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Featured Client

Customer Service Training

  Flexible, friendly and fruitful learning, inspiring your business to deliver optimum Customer Service

Jo is running a in quick to reserve your seat!

Friday 28th May
8.45am - 12.00pm Hutt Chamber Of Commerce, Daly Street, Lower Hutt

"The Energiser"
Refresh your customer service skills, retain and gain new customers. Whatever industry you work in, if you are dealing with people then this workshop will benefit you. Send one employee, send them all. $95.00 + GST per person, maximum of 15 people per group.
Call Jo today on 04 934 1354 or email to book your place! "Best customer service course I have done in years."

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Simplifying The Internet
Free Seminar 
The Small Business Owner's Guide to a Profitable Web Site.

Simple, non-technical tips to get the best web site for your business!

  • How to Make a Simple Web Site That Converts Visitors to Customers
  • Cut Through the Information Overload - we'll show you the key factors that make your web site profitable AND how to keep them simple and achievable
  • Plain English Guide to Marketing on the Internet
  • Search Engines (Google) / Email Marketing / Social Media (Facebook). How they can help you and which ones are right for your business.
  • Simple Tips to Save You Time and Increase Repeat Business
   PLUS Design and Branding - Leverage Your Brand by Keeping It Simple

This is a plain English, educational seminar with no technical jargon. While we will spend 5 minutes telling you about Anyware Ltd, this is not a sales pitch disguised as a seminar.

When:    Thursday 24th June, 10.00am - 12 noon

Hetherington Johnston Ltd - Training Suite
             1 Market Grove, Lower Hutt
             Lower Hutt

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