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June 2010
This month in Anyware Insights:
Website Marketing - Succeed Online in 10 Minutes per Day
Sales Tip - "Product Pusher" or "Problem Solver"?
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Featured Clients - RJS Business Systems
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In this issue we tell you how you can succeed online in only 10 mins per day, show you how becoming a problem solver can increase your sales, and we feature RJS Business Systems and tell you about Richard's Auditor Training Courses...
   Website Marketing - Succeed Online in 10 Minutes per Day
Good web sites often under perform due to a lack of promotion.Sucess in 10 minutes

If your web site is built well it can be a great tool for helping to convert word of mouth referrals into customers.
But do prospects who are searching Google find you or your competition?
Do you use email marketing to constantly educate your customers so they buy more?
Is Google Adwords the most cost effective way for you to attract new customers?

To make your website marketing successful you need to 1) plan it well, 2) complete your plan and 3) if your marketing is ongoing hand over a working process to your staff.

Take care of #1 by identifying the online marketing activity that will give you the best return for the least time and cost.
It's amazing how once you've taken care of the big picture the details can fall into place.

Completing the plan is where most people don't succeed. Often we wait until we can find big blocks of time to knock significant tasks over. But if you take small and regular bites at such projects you can get through them with much less effort.

Here's a simple process that ensures you make regular progress...
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Discover what makes an effective web site at our next seminar  or  contact us and we'll help you evaluate what makes an effective web site for your business
Sales Tip

Are you a "Product Pusher" or a "Problem Solver"?

Your customers want answers to their problems, not facts about your products or services. So the more you can solve your customer's problems the more sales you will achieve.

"And how do I do this?"  you ask.  Well it's all about "asking better questions" about your customer's requirements, what outcomes do they want that will make their life easier and more productive, get them higher exposure, make them more revenue, lower their costs,  etc, etc, etc.

So what benefits do your products and services deliver to your clients that will solve these problems?  Can you ask the questions to uncover the problems, match your products to achieve their outcomes, then pitch the benefits to your client that will "solve their problems"?  Quite simple really.  The sales process is not complicated if you approach it in this manner.

And don't forget last month's message; the client must first buy the sales person before they buy the product so get these two aspects right, in the right order, and watch your sales take off.

So in summary:  Sell yourself, promote your company, ask better questions, uncover problems, offer solutions via product benefits, answer any objections, close the sale, bank the cheques.  Easy eh !!?

Contact us and we'll help you find the most effective option for attracting more customers from your web site enquiries.
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Jinger Heath

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The Anyware Team

Simplifying the Internet,
The Small Business Owner's Guide to a Profitable Web Site

When - Thursday June 24th 2010
Time - 10am - 12.00 noon

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Domain Names:
It's easy to register a domain name, but it's not always easy to choose a domain name that matches your brand and is easy for your customers to remember.
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Google Calendar:
* Show when you or your facility are available
* Visitors are more likely to enquire if they know when you are available
 * Easy to sync with your outlook calendar
Google Calendar

Google Maps:
Including a street view image below your map is brilliant if your main entrance is not easy to find
Google Street View
 Quick Tip
Every business has a "Marketing Machine". Does yours happen by accident and run away in its own direction or do you plan it and steer it? What small improvements have you made to it lately?

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Featured Client
RJS Business Systems

RJS Auditor Training
During his career Richard Saul has carried out over a thousand 3rd party audits throughout New Zealand and Southeast Asia in both the private and public sector.
RJS Business Systems delivers approved Lead auditor training for Quality Management Systems (QMS).
Upon successful completion of this course you will be eligible for Provisional Certification with RABQSA. This is an internationally recognised qualification.

We are very proud to have been involved in the development of Richard's new website and helping him promote his business with search engine optimisation.

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Does your existing site look as good as it could? Contact us -  we can help your business stand out from the crowd.
Simplifying The Internet
Free Seminar 
The Small Business Owner's Guide to a Profitable Web Site.

Simple, non-technical tips to get the best web site for your business!

  • How to Make a Simple Web Site That Converts Visitors to Customers
  • Cut Through the Information Overload - we'll show you the key factors that make your web site profitable AND how to keep them simple and achievable
  • Plain English Guide to Marketing on the Internet
  • Search Engines (Google) / Email Marketing / Social Media (Facebook). How they can help you and which ones are right for your business.
  • Simple Tips to Save You Time and Increase Repeat Business
   PLUS Design and Branding - Leverage Your Brand by Keeping It Simple

This is a plain English, educational seminar with no technical jargon. While we will spend 5 minutes telling you about Anyware Ltd, this is not a sales pitch disguised as a seminar.

When:    Thursday 24th June, 10.00am - 12 noon

Hetherington Johnston Ltd - Training Suite
             1 Market Grove, Lower Hutt
             Lower Hutt

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