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February 2010
This month in Anyware Insights:
Use Google Adwords for Instant Results
Sales Tip - The 80:20 Rule of Business
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Featured Clients - Bing Dental
FREE SEMINAR - How to Simplify Your Marketing AND Your Web Site
In this issue we show you how to use Google Adwords for instant results, how to attract more of your best customers with the classic "80:20 Rule of Business" and a new web site for a suburban dental practice - Bing Dental.
Use Google Adwords for Instant Results
Use Google Adwords for Instant ResultsGoogle Adwords can bring a stream of willing buyers to your web site, or it can blow your budget on nothing but tyre kickers. The difference is choosing the right keywords and paying the right price for them.


What is Adwords?

Google Adwords are the paid ads you see in the sponsored links column on the right hand side of the Google search results page. You choose a keyword (such as "lawn mowing wellington") and then bid against other advertisers. The more you bid, the more likely your ad will appear at the top of the search results.

It's an auction for the best ranking.


Your ad is displayed for free and you are charged when someone clicks on your ad (hence the term "pay per click" advertising).

You can set daily budgets for your whole Adwords campaign or for each keyword so you don't overspend.

Learn more about Adwords or for instant results try our Adwords quick start service - for $550 we'll walk you through setting up your first campaign and show you how to check and tune your bids. This training enables you to maximise the return on your investment. 


For more info about how Google Adwords combined with a quality web site can benefit your business, register for our free seminar: Simplifying the Internet - the small business owners guide to a profitable web site.
Sales Tip

The 80:20 Rule of Business
There's a classic "Rule" in Business - 80% of your business comes from 20% of your Customers. 
There's a converse "Rule" as well - 80% of your headaches come from 20% of your Customers. 
So the Good Quality Customers (where the 80% of business comes from) are your Grade A & B grade customers and the Headaches come from the 20% that make up your C & D Grade customers.  The C & D customers are the ones who constantly complain, always try and get the lowest price, are always after the win / lose outcome. 
So concentrate on your A & B grade customers and let your C & D grade customers go and shop with your Competition and don't be afraid to let your C & D grade customers move elsewhere, at the end of the day it's probably very good for your cashflow....
Contact us and we'll help you find the most effective option for attracting more A and B customers from your web site enquiries.

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Seminar - Grow your Business - How to Simplify your Marketing AND your Web Site 
When - Fri March 26th 2010
Time - 10 - 11.30am

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Featured Clients
Bing Dental
Bing Dental

Bing Dental, putting a smile on the
face of Wellington for 21 years.

 Chris and Sally of Bing Dental worked closely with Nick at Creative Mouse to develop a new graphic design for their busy practice. Clients can now look at their website for contact information and to research services offered.
Contact us to update your branding or for a more professional Search engine friendly design.

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How to Simplify Your Marketing AND Your Web Site
Free Seminar 
Simple advice for getting the most out of your web site and your business.

Every business owner should know:
  • Who your best customers are and how to find more like them
  • The most effective marketing methods for your business
  • How to get a simple and profitable web site
This is a plain English, educational seminar with no technical jargon. While we will spend 5 minutes telling you about Anyware Ltd at the end, this is not a sales pitch disguised as a seminar.

Red Hot Business CoachingMarketing
Simple effective marketing that reaches your target market.
Steve Hockley 

Anyware, Insightful Web Solutions
How to get a simple web site that converts visitors into customers
PLUS the real value of brand & visual design
Phil Donaldson

When: Friday 26th March, 10-11.30am

Where: Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce 
                 Level 3, Chamber of Commerce House 
                 20 Daly Street 
                 LOWER HUTT
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