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August 2010

In this issue we show you how writing your own website content could end up costing you $32,000!  We feature Unichem Clive's Chemist's brand new website, and we tell you how to go about selling 'your service'...
This month in Anyware Insights:
How writing your web site copy could cost you $32,000
Sales Tip - Selling a Service
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Featured Clients - Unichem Clive's Chemist
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How writing your web site copy could cost you $32,000
Rules, Traps and Delays

There are a myriad of rules and traps that can cause your web site copy writing efforts to bear little or no fruit. And you will spend much longer writing the words than a professional.
While our copy writing service may seem like an unnecessary expense, once you've been through the process of writing the copy yourself and experienced just how hard it is to get your readers to take action, you'll probably wonder how we do it so cost effectively.

Don't assume that because you're an expert in your field you can successfully write the words that will convince people to buy from you.
It took me 2 years to become a competent copy writer and about 4 years / 40 web sites to become really good at it (and I'm still learning after 12 years).

In our experience, when a client chooses to write copy themselves they usually add a delay of at least 3 months to the launch of their new web site. And afterwards we usually need to help them fine tune the copy to make it effective anyway.
3 months is usually a best case scenario. 5 or 6 months is typical and in some cases the launch has been delayed by 10 months because our client can not find time to write the copy - or struggles to put the words together.
Burning Money
See how this could cost you $32,000 and how to avoid this costly mistake - read the rest of the article

Discover what makes an effective website at our next seminar  or  contact us and we'll help you evaluate what makes an effective web site for your business
Sales Tip

Selling a Service

You can't see "a Service" so how do you sell it?

Well, the first focus in service selling is of course "your service" 

A good place to start is to assume your service is lousy. That will then force you to make it better, irrespective of its initial position.

Also try the Advert writing test,  it goes like this:

Do you find it really difficult to write a good advert for the service you provide? If an ad that highlights a really good promise to your clients is difficult for you to write, then maybe your service needs fixing. 

If your best written advert is not working, stop trying to improve the ad, start improving your service.  The best ad in the world will not sell the worst service in the world  (does a certain cell phone company spring to anyone's mind ??)

The marketing of your service must not only focus on creating what your clients need or want, it must also focus on what they will truly "love".

We'll cover more next month on Selling your Service.....

Contact us and we'll show you how your web site can best Sell your Service  to your client base.
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Robert Collier, Author


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Featured Client
Unichem Clive's Chemist

Use Google Adwords for Instant Results
The Happy Chemist
The happy team at Unichem Clive's Chemist have even more to smile about now with the launch of their fresh new website.

Clive's have been servicing the  Wainuiomata community since 1997, and pride themselves on all doing their bit to make Wainuiomata a great place to live and work!

Check out the website to see their huge range of products and services
including passport photos, 'In-Sync' and Kate Morgan weight management.

Remember to keep an eye out for their monthly specials too!

More Recent Web Sites:
Ultibend Industries - Ultibend Industries is a family owned stainless steel tubes and fittings business situated in Elsdon, Porirua.  Ultibend is an international supplier of quality stainless steel tube fittings which are primarily made here in their New Zealand factory.

Private Collection - Visage is made by New Zealand's leading knitwear manufacturer, Private Collection.
By using our content manager, the team at Private Collection can easily update the new season's collection and  current suppliers.

Contact us to discuss how Anyware's content manager could work for you
Simplifying The Internet
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The Small Business Owner's Guide to a Profitable Web Site.
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When:    Wednesday 25th August, 10.00am - 12 noon

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