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October 2009
This month in Anyware Insights:
Even the simplest web site should have clearly defined Goals
Do you educate your customers while you work with them?
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Featured Clients - Angels Wings
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In this issue we show you how to educate your customers with every contact, a plan to define your website goals and how we helped a boutique dress shop showcase her gowns to their best advantage.
Even the simplest web site should have clearly defined Goals
Goals for your web site If I ask you to shoot these targets, you're going to find the second one easier to hit because it's nice and clear.
And this is exactly what we need from our goals for our web site. They need to be clear.
Every decision that you, your copywriter, your graphic designer and especially your staff make about your web site should be made within the context of your web sites' goals. This ensures everything that everyone does with your web site is heading in the right direction.
So what ever your goals are, define them and document them clearly. Share them with everyone who has anything to do with your web site and ensure every decision is based on your goals.

Read how if you plan your web site well you'll get a much better result, save plenty of time and money and you'll make your life much simpler.

Here's a web site action plan template to help you identify your goals.
Make this process really easy and contact us - we'll do it for you!
For more info about defining goals and building a profitable web site register for our free seminar: Simplifying the Internet - the small business owners guide to a profitable web site.

Sales Tip

Do you educate your customers while you work with them?

You know your full range of products or services. Your customers don't. If you educate them, they buy more. It's that simple.
How many times have you sent an invoice to a customer and missed the opportunity to educate them?
Next time you send your invoices, try telling your customers about the benefits of a product or service that you want to educate customers about and sell more of.
Anyware has a selection of pre designed fliers and web pages that you can roll out really easily and cost effectively.

Contact us and we'll help you find the most effective option for educating your customers.

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The Small Business Owners Guide to a Profitable Web Site.

Simple, non-technical tips to get the best web site for your business!

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Featured Clients
Angels Wings

Angels Wings, Evening and Wedding dress specialist
Esther is an evening and wedding dress supplier in Wellington.

Esther's shop is called Angel's Wings. Esther prides herself on offering her clients a unique experience in the comfortable surroundings of her beautiful Willis Street boutique.
Esther will assist you in choosing your dream dress in a relaxed and friendly environment. Esther can even make minor adjustments to the dress you have chosen to fit you perfectly.

Esther needed a web site with a gallery to show off her large range of dresses, see how this has been achieved for her:
Contact us to add a gallery to your web site.

More Recent Web Sites:

Zealform - Granite, Marble and Quartz Specialists

Ultibend Industries - Quality Stainless Steel Tube fittings

Jatayah - Specialists in sourcing quality New Zealand products for export

Greater Mobility - Keeping you mobile
Simplifying the Internet
Free Seminar
The Small Business Owners Guide to a Profitable Web Site

Simple, non-technical tips to get the best web site for your business!
  • How to Make a Simple Web Site That Converts Visitors to Customers
Cut through the information overload - we'll show you the key factors that make your web site profitable AND how to keep them simple and achievable.
  • Plain English Guide to Marketing on the Internet
Search engines (Google) / Email Marketing / Social Media (Facebook)
How can they help you and which ones are right for your business?
  • Simple Tips to Save You Time and Increase Repeat Business
PLUS Design and Branding - Leverage Your Brand by Keeping It Simple
This is a plain English, educational seminar with no technical jargon. While we will spend 5 minutes telling you about Anyware Ltd at the end, this is not a sales pitch disguised as a seminar.

When: Wed 4th Nov, 10am-11.30am

Where: Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce 
Level 3, Chamber of Commerce House 
20 Daly Street 

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