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July 2009
This month in Anyware Insights - Social networking for small business - Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
Tips for Marketing in Social Networks...
A Video Is Worth 10002 Words!
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Anyware is 10 years young !!
That's right, Anyware is very proud to say that we have been operating for 10 years. We have stood the test of time and have grown as our reputation has, we think that is reason to celebrate. And it is our loyal and supportive clients who will be getting the gifts. See below for how you can claim your 10th Birthday gift.

In this issue we start looking at making social networking profitable for your business, how to catch the train as it leaves the station at full steam ahead...
Tips for Marketing in Social networks...
One of the most important rules in marketing your business is that you go where your target market is. With the growing popularity of online social networking websites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it's little wonder that more and more businesses are looking for ways to connect with the millions of members of these sites.

So where do you start - which social network is best for your business? Three of the most popular are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

See how we do it

Which social network is best for your business?
A Video Is Worth 10002 Words!

With video you can show a customer how to change a bicycle tyre, how to install your product or explain something with audio and diagrams that would be impossible with just words.
Video is also great for customer testimonials, demonstrating products and promoting events.
And every time a customer views your video you potentially save yourself time and give your customer an exceptional experience.
Video combines well with newsletters too. For example a cycle shop that runs maintenance workshops can use maintenance training videos to engage customers and build up an archive of training videos that customers will visit repeatedly.Testimonial from Jo
What do you spend time doing (or are not able to do because you don't have time) that could be put on automatic pilot by adding a video to your web site? makes it really easy to put a video on your web site.

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