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January 2009
This month in Anyware Insights...
Want more customers? Ask for them!
Who do you know?
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Refer a friend - $50 voucher FREE
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Featured Client - You2NZ
Welcome to Anyware Insights 2009. We are looking forward to this year, full of promise and opportunities.

We decided to be optimistic about this time that some perceive as 'tough' - and we discovered most small business owners have joined us! Each one of us has control over where our businesses are going, it will not come if we sit and wait for it, we are the ones who need to act now in a positive, decisive manner. Learn from every challenge presented.

In this issue we look at reinforcing customer contacts through repetition and customer referrals, why it is important to stay in touch with all your Customers... especially in this unique time of economic opportunity...
Want More Customers? Ask For Them!
If your customers are happy with your product or service they are probably willing to refer future customers to you. Unfortunately for you, they usually don't think of it or get around to it. So ask, and you are more likely to receive. Much, much, much more likely.

A good referral request can start with 'who do you know who'. It makes people think about people they know and what they need. To make this work really well, give a specific example of how to identify a good referral.

Examples include 'who do you know who may be looking at upgrading their property?' (real estate), 'who do you know who has been charged penalty fees by the IRD?' (accountant) or 'who do you know who is unhappy with the quality of their sound system' (car or home audio).

Who do you know who wants to communicate with their customers? Tell them to contact Anyware and we'll make your email marketing easy.
Who do you know?
If you communicate regularly by email with all your customers, you've already proven they are happy to hear from you (otherwise they would have unsubscribed).
So they'll probably be happy to refer their friends to you. The trick is to encourage this to happen when the timing is right. If you remind a customer how to find you a great referral just as they bump into someone who is ready to buy, the connection is made and your chances of receiving that referral go through the roof.
The answer?
Build a 'who do you know who' into your regular communication so that you gently and regularly remind ALL your customers that you are looking for referrals, and how to identify a good one.
We'll make your email marketing easy. Who do you know who wants to encourage referrals from ALL their customers? 
Here's what one client has to say:
"For the last year this has been my process for sending an email to my database of over 3000 names: Writing it, putting in to PDF, and copying 30 email addresses at a time in to the address bar, sending and then deleting bounced addresses. My process was taking forever and I thought to myself there has to be a better way. Thankfully the Anyware Team stepped in with their email marketing system. It is easy to use, fast, and manageable and the training they provided was great. If you're wasting precious time with your newsletter contact Anyware today!"

Bronwyn Jones
io Altitude Simulation
Sales Tip of the Month...
Red Hot Business CoachingIt is not always what you do that is important, sometimes the best thing you can do is to stop doing something. Whether it is a bad habit or doing a task that isn't productive, write it down and also write one step towards stopping that activity.
Steve Hockley is a Red Hot business coach who can help you make a good business great. You can contact Steve on 04 894 7111 or online at 
Refer a Friend

Refer a new client to us receive a $50 voucher FREE to spend at our gift shop!
Who do you know who wants to encourage referrals from ALL their customers? It could be you or it could be your friends or customers, all businesses need successful referrals to grow their client base. The time to do it is now.

Refer a new client to us by the end of Feb 09 and you will receive a $50 voucher to spend at our online Gift Shop.

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Food for thought ...

            Positive things happen to positive people.
                                          -- Sarah Beeny

We hope you found something of use in Anyware Insights. We welcome your feedback or comments, please email us at with any comments that you have about Anyware Insights.

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The Anyware Team
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Featured Client: You2NZ
You 2 NZ Relocations
Jackie and Stephen Gallagher relocated from the UK to New Zealand with their three children early in 2007.

They are now very happily based in Wellington. Many times over the weeks and months Jackie and Stephen had thought that their move could have been much smoother and more enjoyable if they had been able to rely on somebody with local knowledge and support to guide them through all the issues of making a new life in a new country.

That is why the You2NZ Service was created. Jackie and Stephen are able to remove many of the usual stress points that can occur without the correct guidance, knowledge and experience.

At every stage you can expect an honest and comprehensive answer to your questions. You2NZ will turn your big move into a great adventure and make the experience as smooth as possible so you can enjoy the excitement of it all and make your move really successful.

Please have a look at what You2NZ have to offer, there is definitely something to suit

Who do you know who is moving to NZ from the UK?

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