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September  2007

Welcome to Anyware Insights, a brief 5 minute read, that we hope you find informative and useful. So read on, enjoy this quick read and learn of more ways to further enhance the look and impact of your website...
This month in Anyware Insights...
Domain Names
Simplifying the Internet
Did you know?
Domain Names
Websites have become an integrated part of people's business today with businesses using them as a sales tool. A domain name should by either your business name, or explain in as little words as possible a key aspect of your business.

For an interesting read about domain names read this simple article about what a domain name is:

What is a domain name and how can it help you?

What happens when you don't renew your domain name?
Quite simply you will lose your website. Once a domain name becomes available anybody can buy that domain name. You will lose your site content, your domain name and be stuck with having to find a new domain name for your business.

You can avoid all this by renewing your domain well before it comes up to be renewed. Contact Anyware if you have any queries about your domain name registration.
Simplifying the Internet...

What is a hotmail account?
Hotmail is an online email service that stores your email online allowing you to sign in and check your email from anywhere in the world that has the internet.

Hotmail refers to Microsoft's email service, however other search engines have their own email services such as Google's Gmail. There are also numerous other providers for online email accounts which you can find through any internet search.

Hotmail accounts can be handy to use if you sign up to a lot of online subscriptions or online communities. By supplying these sevices with your hotmail account you can save you own personal email account from receiving emails from these places.

Online mail services can be useful to save your personal email address from spam and be a useful alternative email address to use when needed. 

We hope you found something of use in Anyware Insights. We welcome your feedback or comments, please email us at with any comments that you have about Anyware Insights.
The Anyware Team
Did you know?
The New Zealand government recently passed a law amendment that has daylight saving beginning a week earlier and ending two weeks later.

It now starts on the September 30th and ends on the April 6th.

Like us, you probably think that this is a great idea, but did you know that this could have an effect on your computer?

If you use Windows (or any other platform for that matter) it will be set up to know the old beginning and end dates of daylight saving. If you don't use the Windows Update feature then your time may end up being wrong!

For Windows users, Microsoft have released a patch to overcome this issue. If you are unsure if your computer has been updated click on the below link for more information

Microsoft Daylights Saving Update

For non-Windows users, you should check with your software operating system providers to make sure that you are compliant.
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