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November  2007

Welcome to Anyware Insights, a brief 5 minute read, that we hope you find informative and useful. So read on, enjoy this quick read and learn of more ways to further enhance the look and impact of your website...
This month in Anyware Insights...
What is the best online payment for you?
Christmas is coming
Simplifying the Internet
Refer a Friend
What is the best online payment for you?

Online PaymentsWhen you ask your customers to pay online the method you choose can be the difference between making the sale, or not. The right payment option for your business will make processing transactions a smooth process that lets you get on with looking after your customers.

Read more here...

For further information about Online Payments please contact us today

Christmas is coming...
Anyware Christmas
Like us at Anyware you are probably wondering what happened to 2007! With Christmas fast approaching you may have already decided on your opening hours over the Christmas and New Years break. So now is the perfect opportunity to advertise your Christmas and New Years hours on your website.

For an example on how to do it, check out our site to see how we did it. Another option is to add your Christmas message to your email signature.

If you wish to get your own Christmas message online, whether it be opening hours, or just a friendly greeting wishing your valued customers a Merry Christmas, contact us today to get it sorted.
Simplifying the Internet...
If you are an even occasional Internet user you have probably heard the term Blog. So what exactly is a blog?

Blog is short for "Web Log." A web blog is a specialised site or page that allows individuals or groups to share a running log of events and personal events with online audiences. Blogs have been growing in popularity as it gives people an opportunity to 'vent' or inform on a particular subject.

Some more Internet savvy people have caught onto the blog craze and started to use it as a way to drive traffic to their websites. If you would like to learn about how to make a blog work for your website contact us today or search for Blogs on any search engine.
Refer a Friend
Refer a Friend & Receive 4 months of
FREE standard hosting

Do you know someone who is considering building a website? Refer them to us and you will get four months of free standard hosting* if they sign up to do work with us.

Refer a friend today and we will take care of the rest. If they sign up, you will automatically receive your 4 months of free standard hosting.*

*Standard hosting covers hosting for one domain name assigned to your account limited to $30 a month.
We hope you found something of use in Anyware Insights. We welcome your feedback or comments, please email us at with any comments that you have about Anyware Insights.
The Anyware Team
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Courier Connect
Courier Connect
With Christmas coming you may have a need to courier items to various places around the country. This time of the year is busy for everyone especially Couriers. So, be sure to get your bookings in early, preferably before the 2nd of December.

Courier Connect will now deliver courier bags to your door for free (excluding rural deliveries). So order your packs of ten online today:
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Christmas Gift Ideas
Looking for gift ideas for Christmas? Check out some of these sites for some unique ideas:
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