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December  2007
Welcome to Anyware Insights, a brief 5 minute read, that we hope you find informative and useful. So read on, enjoy this quick read and learn of more ways to further enhance the look and impact of your website...
This month in Anyware Insights...
Backup your data
Season Greetings
Simplifying the Internet
Refer a Friend
Backup your data

BackupWith a lot of businesses closing down for Christmas it is important to ensure that your information is safe. A good back up process will ensure that this happens.

Rest assured that you will not need to worry about your website if you have it built with us. Your website is nacked up nightly and we can quickly restore your site should the unexpected happen. If you edit your own site with Anyware Edit, we also back up this information nightly.

Do you have an Access database that is important to your business?
Recently a client of ours found their Access database was corrupted and they had no backup. We can set up a system that automatically backs up your Access database every night - contact us today to avoid discovering the cost of not backing up your important data.

Seasons Greetings...
Christmas Greetings

The team at Anyware would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you are travelling, we wish you safe travels and look forward to catching up with you and working with you in 2008.

Anyware Christmas Hours

Our last day for 2007 will be Fri 21st Dec and we reopen on 7th Jan 2008.
For urgent after hours support please call Anyware on 04 939 1708. (Emails will receive no response until 8 January.)

Simplifying the Internet...
What is a keyword?
A keyword, or keyword phrase, is a word or group of words that people will enter into a search engine (like Google) to find what they are looking for.

So for example, if someone wanted to find a company to build them a website, they might enter 'web design wellington' into Google. This will search for a web design company in Wellington and return all the results that relate to that keyword.

Keywords are an important part of web design as with the right keywords on your site can drive traffic to you which can only help improve your sales.

For more information about keywords and website optimisation, visit our Search Engine Optimisation web page.

Refer a Friend
Refer a Friend & Receive 4 months of
FREE standard hosting

Do you know someone who is considering building a website? Refer them to us and you will get four months of free standard hosting* if they do work with us.

Refer a friend today and we will take care of the rest. If they sign up, you will automatically receive your 4 months of free standard hosting.*

*Standard hosting covers hosting for one domain name assigned to your account limited to $30 a month.

We hope you found something of use in Anyware Insights. We welcome your feedback or comments, please email us at with any comments that you have about Anyware Insights.
The Anyware Team

Did you know?
If you are looking for a specific phrase, typing it into a search engine will not always get the results you were hoping for. You might get pages that have all the words you entered, but may not be in the order you intended or even near each other.

By placing your search term in quotation marks a search engine knows that you only want search results that have the words in the order that you enter them in.

A search such as:

"web design wellington"

will return a more exact search that you are looking for.
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Courier Connect
Courier Connect
With Christmas coming you may have a need to courier items to various places around the country. This time of the year is busy for everyone especially Couriers. So, be sure to get your bookings in early, preferably before the 2nd of December.

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